Kawaii Style Happy Mail from Pink Sugar Ichigo + Pretty Sour Laura + Peach Hips Apparel

Hi かわいい + creative family! I hope your Monday is going well and you’re ready for a productive week ^.^ I thought I’d come by with some kawaii style happy mail that I may or may not be making a few looks with ~

Aye yo! She here <3 Grab a read and tell me what yah think. I got BIG DREAMS for growing this publication, but baby steps, yeah?!

Am I Becoming a Content Creator?!

Seriously now that I’m back with a clear vision of my business and having teased out some things, I find myself excited to share my journey.

It’s crazy because I’m shy to share a LOT of what I work on. I mean … I’m an artist & I’m sensitive ’bout my shit ~

… That and I put all of me into creating that by the time I should be sharing, marketing or whatevs, I’m mentally EXHAUSTED! >.< But I like it here on my blog + the mag format is my shiz.

I find myself ready to decompress all the goodies here then wanting to tease my IG images, create coords – I even been doing some influencer work for brands, share my face … MY FACE Y’all! (thas big) and engage with peeps over style & good times.

Don’t mind me, I’m just pleasantly surprised and hope you’ll stick around for this journey, offer feedback and cheer me on! <3

Kawaii Style Happy Mail!

kawaii style Imani K Brown, Ippie-chan
les see what we got in da kawaii style happy mail, shall we ~

Kawaii Style Lookbook

Before we even get into brands can we appreciate this 2nd hand bb I just copped from my homegirl Emi
and then I started opening mail LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!! LOLZ
I seriously can’t believe one of my fav artists asked me to influence for them …
no really! I just … love Pink Sugar Ichigo
then here comes Pretty Sour Laura with the giant pin gut punch ~
that new jean jacket bout to get it, slim …
and if you know my love for kokeshi you already know this Peach Hips Apparel corset was the perf buy
just look at iiitttttttttt
and let’s not forget I got a gift though I fcuked up her order. I love my sis for her support and cheers along the way <3 No really … it means EVERYTHING! Thanks Mae :-*
and before I go here’s a lil’ bit of Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far

I’ll be back soonest with another update. I’m gone stylin’ and getting these books ready for pre-launch release. But thas for another post, yea!

See you soonest

Gambare, minna

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