Kawaii Styling’ & Co-rding with Confidence Pink Sugar Ichigo Art Lookbook

Hi かわいい + creative family! It’s your fav content creator hanging out, getting sh!t done and sharing all things kawaii style along the way. ^.^ And today I want to introduce you to Pink Sugar Ichigo Art’s cute clothes  ~ But first …

♡ HOW YOU BE?! ♡

No really! it’s not rhetorical. I’m checking in on you in case you haven’t already, so lemme know in the comments ^.^

Pink Sugar Ichigo Art

Told yah last post I was doing a thing ^.^

So I was asked in a recent chat with Dollfille and often asked in my DM’s about kawaii style + confidence ~

Specifically how do you get the confidence to wear the clothes.

And honestly, you just give YOURSELF permission to DO IT!

Then, of course, you DO IT! ^.^

The more practice the better. Then wearing anything kawaii style or whatever you’r preferred aesthetic becomes second nature, authentic to you.

The ‘give yourself permission + just do it’ factor works for building confidence in a lot of things. Not just confidence in your kawaii style, by the way.

Best example … I’m practicing content creation + influencer work (see ‘Am I Becoming a Content Creator?!’ in my last post)

Cuz you’re legit watching me become more confident in sharing my journey and letting people get to know the real me – beyond my personal kawaii style. *boop*

NOW! Les get to these coords ~


HamBEARger Sweet Style

kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
have a super duper sweet flat lay
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
would you let ME tattoo you?!
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
out to lunch
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
feels good
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
came in to Little INKPLAY Shop pink as fuuuuccckkkkk and I LOVE IT!

Bear Makeup Party Style

kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
let’s make it bittersweet
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
and here I am teasing black out of my wardrobe >.<
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
I can live in this!
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
scantily clad *oops*
kawaii style pink sugar ichigo art
I call this “the doctor will see you now” LOLz

Seriously! I was so happy to have bears on my body and my mask.


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Final Thoughts

L👀key loo kawaii creative ~

Our moves take BOLDNESS. So you’ll have to take care always

and give yourself permission at every turn.

Don’t wait for the world to give it to you, or you’ll never find your confidence.

First find confidence is just saying you’ll do the things. Give yourself permission to take steps, no matter how small.

Make ’em consistent and go forth to be great!


P.S. These pieces fiyah AF! I’m just sayin


Don’t forget to grab the Shoppe Gal Mag for more in depth kawaii fashion + creative builds to help you along your journey! <3

Gambare, minna

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