3 Ways to Self-Care + Kawaii Style with The Kawaii Shoppu + Shoppe Gal Updates

Hi かわいい + creative family! I hope you’re well cuz it’s time for some geeking out over fashion + lifestyle for mental health & wellness. Of course 2020 is on serious joke time right now. And the only thing getting me through it is some serious self-care, kawaii style.

It’s CRAZY how often we discount the little things in life that keep us going. >.<

That shared, I thought I’d swing thru with my 3 sustainable kawaii self-care practices. Plus I want to introduce you to my new favorite shop + kawaii pal, The Kawaii Shoppu ~

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Before that, lemme share that DC Kawaii Style’s award winning Afro kawaii conversation now has a dedicated space on Instagram. Here we’ll share resources, looks and creations from some of the cutest Black creatives, worldwide.

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Shoppe Gal Updates

And so, here we are …

It’s August and COVID had everything jacked up … or so I thought *evil grin*

Truth is, my memoir has been ready for pre-launch release, but 🙋🏾‍♀️ was NOT! I’m a self-published author and have learned a lot on this journey. But before I could proceed, the universe slowed my life to drop me a few gems.

And I’M EVER so grateful ^.^

kawaii tattoo shop, kawaii branding
new cards for the studio’s glow-up!
kawaii tattoo artist
and my own personal brand


And here we are ~

It’s Black August and I was raised to appreciate this month – what it means for us as a People and in Black History. Consequently, my book is about redefining freedom for myself and taking it – by any means necessary.

So it’s fitting that life would align for me to be able to host a pre-launch release event on a Black August date, 8/21 *mark your calendars and stay tuned!*

it only took ALL of COVID to see this idea through, but she almost here! Make sure you’re on my mailing list, k! <3

Self-Care Is Kawaii AF!

kawaii shoppu

Remember last time we talked, I shared about my Afro Kawaii foundations and personal journey

One thing  I didn’t bring to the forefront though is that self-care is a huge part of my kawaii journey. Why?! Because the way I treat myself, I take myself for granted while holding space and worrying about others.

Kawaii is a privileged lifestyle, one I could see myself in though I grew up with no privilege. But it’s the small things, the sandbox life lessons that shine through in kawaii life, inspiring me to do better by me.


I’m a business, MAN! My life stays on pass go & press play, with little time for me. In fact if I weren’t an introvert able to block out things and go inward, I’d have crowded myself out a long time ago.

The biggest lesson that I’ve had to unlearn is that putting myself first is NOT selfish. That has helped me define self-care for myself, a daily act of preservation filled with lessons to unlearn and relearn.

Here are my favorite lessons learned so far –

3 Sustainable Ways of Putting Self First, At Least Once A Day

1. be transparent – it helps establish your character, set boundaries and call for accountability

kawaii shoes
bestie foot high fives with Gigi cuz aesthetics ^.^

Are you a super private, introverted bean like me?! I keep things in and ponder life to the point of implosion, which can often affect my work + mood + how I engage with others. So I’ve learned to be brutally honest when in a negative head space. Where I used to think that practicing transparency may be t.m.i. or cause harm, it’s quite the opposite. In fact, it’s way less damaging to let my angst be known upfront.

I mean … how else would someone know logically to handle me with care or proceed with caution if I don’t speak up, right?!

2. surround yourself with good people – be reminded of all the kawaii, positive & healthy things you strive for in this life

kawaii art
kawaii art created and gifted by the gorgeous Ren
sisterly magical girl reminders about life and kawaii creative-ness, made with love from Afro Shoujo

If you’re on my IG you see me say all the time surround yourself with good people. It’s a life lesson I live by taught by my momma …

She say you are the company you keep so make sure they serve you well.

Grateful for this lesson, the company I keep – both near and far – are the type of support and kawaii empowerment the world needs! We’re mutuals, driving on a 2-way street. We take from each other’s tables, able to put something in its place right back. A 2-way street is my main mode of transportation. So if we find that it’s one way, I may not be the good people I need to surround myself with. And thas OK!

3. accept the kindness of strangers – sometimes

kawaii shoppu
SHOP THE LOOK: The Kawaii Shoppu x Little INKPLAY Shop

This one is something that I’m STILL learning. Meanwhile I’m always the one yelling you don’t have to know someone’s name to be their keeper >.<

It’s funny how helpers can give advice and not take it. Cuz dat me! I’m sis ~ LOLz

kawaii shoppu
Don’t much trip tho, slim. I still get frantic and feel like I owe someone when kindness is bestowed upon me
kawaii tattoo artist, imani k brown
so I made a deal with myself to accept the kindness BUT if I feel guilty, I’ll just pay it forward
kawaii tattoo artist
that way the good karma circle don’t stop …
kawaii black girl, imani k brown
and I’m not holding up or blocking the gift givers blessings <3
kawaii tattoo shop
stay tuned for more looks cuz I gots some happy mail to share with YOU! ^.^
I did that mood challenge (google your first name + anime + aesthetic) and well … no lies were told here LOLz

Look fam! I’m a work in progress just striving to do my best and dedicate a small part of my life to not taking MYSELF for granted.

3 is my sweet spot but we don’t have to stop there ~

What else would you add to this sustainable self-care list?!

👇🏾Let me know in the comments👇🏾

& check out The Kawaii Shoppu’s 3 Tips for Self Care to live your best kawaii creative life!

Shop the Look: use code ‘ipukekawaii’ for 10% off at The Kawaii Shoppu

Gambare, minna

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