Little INKPLAY Shop So Far + Learning to Give Myself Space

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Can we pause for the cause and chat about giving yourself space in entrepreneurship?!


Because burn out is real and happens in so many forms that sometimes you don’t even know where it came from, how you got there, or how to make it stop 😩

So it’s important to pace yourself and take some time a part from the biz ~

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I’ve always had work-o-holic tendencies (if this is you, it is NOT healthy >.<) and it’s always left to stress and burn out ~

Needless to say, that’s been me for one year now – BURNT THE F*CK OUT + chronically depressed (with happy moments to hold on to)

And it’s left me praciticing the same advice I give buddining art + creative entrepreneurs ^.^

Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far

clearly, Kawaii Box knows … I felt like the cutest namakemono (sloth) all summer

Little INKPLAY Shop is my baby! I AM the dang shop because without my creative vision + direction and hands to service customers, especially …

there is NO Little INKPLAY Shop

So sometimes, reporting on Little INKPLAY Shop’s brand building process is really sharing a bit about how I’m doing as the human behind the brand <3

So let me share some mental hurdles that I’ve been overcoming lately

(grab some tissue if you’re a cry-er and get ready for a long heartfelt read. gomen ne for tugging on heart strings >.<)

Where I’ve Been + What I found

kawaii journaling Imani K Brown
soaking up a lot of inspiration + life jewels from my customers <3

Self-care is kawaii, in the most important way ~

And it’s in THIS summer that I’m finding out how important my own self care as a creative entrepreneur (with an intimate practice)

What I found is that with EVERYTHING that has happened in the past year, needing to accept new realities and still be on top of my business (with no breaks) I’ve crowded myself out mentally …

in my head, there is NO ROOM FOR ME! *scary*

kawaii self-care
my self-care kit after my gran passed

And to survive, in business AND life, I ‘ll need to seriously do the work to correct that ~

I don’t know if you remember, but I’ve had to practice some intense self care last year due to the loss of my dad + grandma ^.^

journaling for self-care even more after my dad’s passing

After that, somehow I’ve become the mental health warrior princess sharing my story here + here about my own journey. Not to mention I talk about my craziness and how Deadpool taught me to embrace it, right here on this blog!

BUT if I know how to do all of the things + and have tools laid out in front of me, why am I failing on implementation?

Gotta Be BRAVE!

my mobile ‘self-care’ studio

I was failing because I didn’t trust the structure that I’ve put in place thus far ~

I needed to be brave!

Why brave?!

Because I’ll need to (publicly) give myself permission to give myself space. And being brave also means that I have to be (somewhat) unapologetic to customers when self-care is needed, and be 1000% dedicated to doing the work for a better tomorrow …

or even a better 2019 (I REALLY want to see my revenue streams grow)^.^

Of course, I’ve been asked a lot of questions since it looks like I’m making a HUGE shift.

So here are the most common questions asked and my answers. So you can rest easy and I can take care to (re)stabilize … all while continuing to keep my business alive!

Do You Still Tattoo?

YES! I still tattoo <3 I am a bit choosy of what types of tattoos and energy to be exchanged. But my site outlines EVERYTHING!

How Can I Book a Tattoo?

GO HERE! You can book your consultation ANYTIME and I’ll show up! I’m like a tattoo geenie when there’s a booking haha

How Are You Doing?

I’m OK! Just taking it one day at a time and rebuilding myself project by project + little by little ~
(keep reading for my resolves)

Me, this summer

reflecting + planning

I didn’t do much.

In fact, I did 3 things to help me through ~

First, I let most of my marketing fall by the wayside, leaving my Instagram brand accounts with nothing but static + white noise ~

Next, I resolved to only keep up with the bare biz minimum + ceased all creative tattoo hook-ups. But one ~

Finally, I reflected on myself being the product and what would happen if I were no more ~

Here – I reflected on my present life cycle + how to break it ~

For the better …

kawaii journaling Imani K Brown
learning life cycles + healthy cord cutting to protect my energy <3

I concentrated (heavy) on setting boundaries for myself, my own instabilities + my work.

Also, I focused on my longevity – in business + life.

And I’m really proud of myself. I’ve taken LOT of steps to bring light to my darkest thoughts.

Recently, I feel a break in the clouds as I push through and learn to give myself space I deserve. That feels good 😸

Plus some things have come full circle allowing me to process all of this and move forward using the life cycle advice above ^.^

A Countdown of Happy Moments

To get through any depression, no matter how heavy, I use happy moments to carry me from one fleeting feeling to another until I can trigger my own happiness once again <3

So here is a countdown of my top 4 happy moments that definitely helped me through ~

happy moment #4: remembering Brian from last year – I tattooed him the day after my dad passed ~
and sharing in more creativity + tattoo therapy again this year ^.^
happy moment #3 – kicking’ it with Yleana Leadership Academy in real life! (I usually get to meet + mentor the kids via Skype)
Happy moment #2 – kickin’ it AFRO kawaii style with DC KawaiiStyle fam ^.^ We’re on the road to non-profit status!
Happy moment #1 – building side B to Little INKPLAY Shop

Unlike most tattoo artist/ owners I work alone! So if I cannot tattoo, I cannot make money.

That indicated that I need another serious stream of moolah – and viola! I am serious about my studio’s additional premium service, creativity coaching and being helpful when I cannot do for myself. So there’s that ^.^

new things coming down the pipeline!

And from my own journey, I’m excited for a long standing tattoo movement ideal – Afro-Kawaii Tattoo Therapy.

I’m also excited to also keep up with the boundaries I’ve set for myself. ^.^

I’ll need that space to honor being kind to myself 💗💕✨

eagerly planning a bright, productive and space-filled 2019 <3

Thanks for checking on me by reading this post.

If you practice giving yourself space, feel free to share your practices in the comments below ^.^

Until then, I’ll leave you with another cute feel from Kawaii Box

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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