Kawaii Life: Dreamer Quotes + Empowering Affirmations

Happy Wednesday かわいい + creative peeps! How goes it?!

Sorry …

I been quite on the blogging front because I’ve been sifting through content ideas for my IG Live Tattoo Talks <3

BUT! It’s been a heavy load and I couldn’t bear scaling my business and building DC Kawaii Style alone. I’d die >.<

BUT I’ve been surrounded by the same empowerment I preach and all I can say is THANK YOU universe ^.^

So I thought I’d pay it forward – coming through with a kawaii round-up of empowering affirmations in case you need a boost too!

Dreamer Quotes + Empowering Affirmations

affirmations are littered in this month, I think – but this piece of the spread was inspired by prompt 11
for prompt 7 – my declarations to the universe are actually declarations to myself (I hope that makes sense)

tattoos + thoughts
a like hand lettering practice of some realness
more tattoos (and lessons in life cycles)

kawaii empowerment

And a little love from our kawaii community <3


be sure to grab out WHAT IS KAWAII Coloring Book
as we get ready to spread the Cult of Cute

kawaii community

Have a GREAT day! <3

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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