Kawaii Journaling My 2020 Success FOCUS Goals Action Plan

 Oh happy day kawaii creative and how goes it?! I hope you’re not too tired of my updates yet. *huhuhu* But here we go at promised. My 2020 goals explained … the kawaii journaling way.


Like my freestyle?! 👀

I’m corny and I know it. But I embrace dat sh!t. 🤣Now LEGGO!

Kawaii Journaling + Goal Setting

Focus for 2020

Remember I shared my 3 goals yesterday ^.^

And yes, I have I have an action plan in place of how I’m going to reach these goals on. That’s what we’re gathered here for today right?! <3

The Action Plan

products & services marketing strategy

My goal is to actually streamline my services & product offerings for consistent marketing ~

So here’s my plan ^.^

  • create a consistent schedule in an editorial calendar
  • invest in workflow tools – I adore Trello, Slack & Coschedule as my combo
  • schedule my vision map

The most important thing for me will be putting things into real time –  taking my dreams and aspirations and putting them into realistic flow.

profitable partnerships

Here, my goals are not just for growing my bottom line and brand awareness. But also for some self serving self-exploration.

I was raised the only child. I’m OCD and I’m extremely, extremely (II can’t stress EXTREMELY enough huhuhu) particular about how I work and as an artist a lot of times when we don’t have a process ~

All of these things make it EXTREMELY hard to be work with-able ~

But mama-chan’s gonna have to step up to the plate and learning to embrace those fears and quirks as I step into leadership. And learn to work with other people.

If I don’t learn to work with other people, I won’t be able to make my business grow which means that I’ll always be suffering from having to always be an employee of my business.

I’m building my tattoo – the people who actually help Little INKPLAY Shop run. And No – everyone does not tattoo, but everybody has a space for their expertise to shine.

refining my process

This last step will help me reach my overarching goal of streamlining my time so I can actively get better at time management, for both business and personal.

I want to be home a bit more so that I can take care of home.

I like to do things like clean up & self-care actually happens more at home, not in the studio.

So I’ll be refining processes for on boarding new clients / working with continuing clients / how I host events / and coaching/ mentoring with these steps ~

  • writing things down – no more creative hoarding as I call it
  • outlining daily and weekly business chores – it’s something that I already do but will be more intentional in outlining to-do steps
  • keep an analog calendar + keep clean digital folders – organization gives a clear view and is always key to refining process

Get Sh!t Done Motivation

Before I leave though lemme share this with you with love  ~


Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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