Kawaii Journaling My 2020 Success FOCUS Goals

Hi kawaii creative family. Not sure if you can tell … but I’m really really excited about my 2020 goals, action plan and of course kawaii journaling ^.^

So please pardon my moments of journaling nerdom. And keep your judgement LOLz

You have definitely seen my goals in my share of my 20/20 Get Sh!t Done Mantra. But today I just wanted to give a close up of what my goals actually look like.

And tomorrow I’ll break them down into an action plan for us.

Kawaii Journaling to Success

kawaii journaling

2020 Goals

It’s a lot in terms of just looking at my actual action plan and not interested in overwhelming either of use with the finer details.

So simply here is an overview of my goals for 2020 ~

  • products & services marketing strategy – streamline for seasonal offerings so you can better predict what to expect from me as an artist throughout the year
  • profitable partnerships – to grow my bottom line and share more brand awareness
  • refining my process – for better time management to be able to actually come home a frakkin’ unplug *ugh*

See you tomorrow, fam! <3

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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