Kawaii Journaling 2020 New Year Challenge + Back to the Comm I LOVE!

Hi kawaii creative fam! Hooray it’s time for sharing my activvveeeee participation in this year’s Kawaii journaling challenge(s). I really miss journaling. I had to put my hobby down for most of last year.

But I needed to get my business in order and I wasn’t going to be able to do that and journal at the same time. Well I coulda … but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

I knew this when journaling felt more like a chore than a decompression just for me hobby.

Me + Kawaii Journaling

kawaii journaling, Imani K. Brown, Kawaii Tattoo Artist

A Hobby of Boundaries

We creative entrepreneurs have to create, share and monetize a lot. So having a hobby just to decompress, seperate from creating for trade is kinda a big deal ~

So I gave it up to work on making sure my business was in a working condition from being depressed and such.

Didn’t take too much – just needed to dust the cobwebs off this b!tch so we can get it moving for 2020. And after I made sure I did that and picked up a likkle bit of where I left off (pre depression) I was ready to hit the ground running.

My hands were itching to get it but I grabbed my hobonichi at the very last minute before the year came in cuz money was tight and all that good stuff and not too long after …

logged in to Twitter and a Kawaii journaling update hit my face!Like a sign from the creative enntrepreneurship gawds ^.^

I’m going to let you know same rules apply as last year take it slow.

Take it easy.

We’re only supposed to share 8 prompts but it seems I’m coming end up with more. We’ll see *kanye shrug*

Join the Challenge

kawaii journaling

If you’re into journaling, I encourage you to join the comunity and the challenge ^.^ It’s a great time for self-exploration and gratitude. Decompression, updates, motivation & inspiration or just practicing pages.

No pressure, but plan to join and I’ll see you there!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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