Kawaii Girls Bow DIY Workshop Event Report

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Our regular kawaii + creative workshops are starting!

But before I get to the meat and potatoes …

Here’s a kind reminder of what’s happening with Little INKPLAY Shop and DC KawaiiStyle ~

If you’re in the DC area, please mark your calendars and  join us!

Ok! NOW … here’s some photo spam and quick recap of the Kawaii Girls Bow DIY workshop this past weekend.

A small, intimate group that was just right for a lovely afternoon of sewing, crafting, and talking workshops interests and builds.

Enjoy ~

crafting table + supplies

fabric & washi samples and some of today’s tools ~

starting the stitch

stuffed fabric ^.^
one in progress
for her and her ball jointed dolls ^.^
a few for the day ~
Thanks to all the participants for coming. And thank you for looking!

What (or who) is new in your creative life?!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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