5 Kawaii Fun Facts About Me + IG Stories Templates For Getting to Know YOU!

“Every Great Dream Begins With a Dreamer ...

 Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

– Harriet Tubman

Allow Me to (Re)Introduce Myself


I’m Imani K. Brown, tattoo artist/ illustrator + kawaii creative, based in DC + Japan

All that jazz is easily covered in my About Me section. So I won’t bore you here.

Let’s jump right to the fun things! ^.^

As I return and get a bit more active I thought it’d be great for us to know each other.

Otherwise it’s REALLY obnoxious of me to want you to come hang out with me and I haven’t even introduced myself …

or taken time to get to know you (I’ve got something for that tho!)

5 Kawaii Fun Facts About Me

I’ll start this ‘getting to know each other’ party with some fun facts of why I’m inspired to do this in the first place ^.^

kawaii journaling with Imani K Brown

1. I LOVE connecting love Tattoo + Tattoo Talk

I’m an introvert to the n(th) degree. So trying to simply say ‘hi I think you’re cool’ or making small talk is kinda weird for me. BUT if we talk tattoo ideas or anything related to art, I light up like a light bulb and what seems like a dull personality suddenly comes to life <3


2. I work in Japan 2x per year

People love this fun fact so I thought I’d include it. The story of HOW I came to work there is pretty cool, I think. Maybe I’ll share it one day ^.^


3. I want to get to know more kawaii peeps and admirers

So often these days I meet people, especially on the internet who’ve wanted to connect in some way or another. But somehow I look either too busy or unapproachable. And for real … I’m neither! Just an introvert who stays in her own lane haha

But I  love to get to know new people. Even if it doesn’t appear so ~


4. #moshimoshi Tour is my 1st Solo Tour

I’ve been in the tattoo industry 16 years in August *gasp* And I’ve been on or included in tattoo tours with fellow artists. But I’ve never decided to legit venture out on my own. So many moving parts to make this successful … *hides in a corner*


5. About 25% of my income goes to building something awesome, DC Kawaii Style

I created a space and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Honestly I just wanted more JFashion and kawaii life in DC. There was no plans for the space. But the community has spoken and we’re on the road to making an honest business out of this baby ^.^

I don’t wanna disappoint and as mama-chan gotta have some kneading dough (get it! haha) So that’s why I work so hard at tattoos … beyond providing for myself.


Whew ~ that was painless! Now it’s your turn. puahahaha

Instagram Stories Templates

Of course I told you earlier that I’m up’ing my stories game. And since I’m there often, I thought maybe it’d be cool to make some kawaii tattoo templates so that we can get to know each other.

 We can continue this story, making at big as we want! ^.^ So I’ll make add-ons as often as I can or as often as you request them so we can converse and have fun!

And to engage is SUPER DUPER EASY!

1. Download the templates

2. Fill in the templates

(some with words and others with pictures or emoji but it’s outlined on each template)

3. Post em up

and tag me or slide em direct to my DM’s

See! EASY!

And don’t worry! I did ’em too so you can get to know me as well.

Just like tattoo, this is a two way street!

Enjoy ~

3 Things You Can’t Live Without, Daily

I had fun with friends on IG on the humble the other day, sharing my 3 daily must haves.

So I thought I’d share here AND also share my shabby hand written template in case you want to play along too ~

Ready …

Your Turn!!!!!

I look forward to having fun and getting to know each other on Instagram.

If you want to know more about me, Imani K. Brown feel free to keep reading!

See you <3

My Professional Services

I’m helpful by nature always asking “How Can I Help” – in hopes of becoming a magical force in your life ^.^

Yup! That's me in a nutshell ~

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Gambare, minna
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