Kawaii Anime Tattoo #supportLIPS Social Distancing Guide

Oh happy day かわいい creative family! It’s a sucker time for a kawaii anime tattoo *freeze*

But if it’s gotta be did. It’s gotta be did! ^.^

Like many businesses across the US, I had to shut down Little INKPLAY Shop shop indefinitely. Which means no tattoo. But it doesn’t mean WE can’t still have fun, take care of each other and talk tattoo!

The number one question clients- friends, family, and supporters have been asking is HOW can they #supportLIPS in these times.

SO! While thinking of a master plan for myself & biz bb, I created a Social Distancing Guide

Don’t worry. It’s light, palatable and non-triggering <3


For more ways to support your local tattoo artist through Coiled and Beyond, read HERE

Kawaii Anime Tattoo
Social Distancing Guide

Here a few proactive things (4 of em!) to help #supportLIPS & have some #stayhome fun!

Pre-Order Shoppe Gal, The Memoir

L.E. Hard cover, dust jacket signed copy

This memoir is a collection of memories and anecdotes, sharing how tattoo and embracing my kawaii spirit LITERALLY saved my life.

Shoppe Gal is a coming-of-age story from aspiring tattoo artist to 16-year tattoo professional to a multi-hyphenate business owner.

TODAY, in my tattoo practice, I do 3 important things:
1. I help people tell their UNIQUE stories on skin
2. I help people love the skin that they’re in ^.^
3. Lead through transparency, using my own tattoo journey as example, when relatable. And this is HIGH KEY relatable ^.^⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Learn more about how tattoo and embracing my kawaii spirit LITERALLY saved my life.

a tattoo consultation, vinyl stickers. temporary tattoos, poster + Shoppe Gal swag bag discount coupon

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Book A Consultation

About Consult + Chill
During the COVID-19, Little INKPLAY Shop will be closed to the public. So we’re offering virtual Skype consultations + a discounted deposit fee to book your tattoo appointment for the future ~

Why tho?!
Tattoos aren’t a necessity it’s true. BUT self-care & keeping your mind in these crazy times is a thing. So take some time to escape and talk about something you want to do for YOU, despite all the craziness we’re currently experiencing.

A tattoo consultation is the first step to getting a ‘new’ tattoo, giving you dedicated time to talk about your idea in detail. It’s a step you’ll have to take any way! And well … we’re all trying to find creative ways to keep ‘busy’. So the real question is why not?!

Consultations are traditionally 30 min but let’s check in on each other, shoot the sh!t, play some Animal Crossing or something, and geek out escapist style … all over talking tattoo.

So what are you waiting for?!

#stayhome & Let's Have Fun!

Let’s make the ultimate ‘STAY HOME’ playlist

Add some of your favorite jams to the community ‘Tattoo  Tribe Vibes’ playlist. And let’s vibe together. It’s a 2-fer! social distancing AND getting to know each other.
Let’s part-ay!

kawaii anime tattoo

Tell Me WHAT’S ON?!

We’re planning some wholesome reaction content for OTAKute Tattoo Collective, while quarantined ~

If you watch anime, share what you want us to watch with YOU and let’s see where this goes ^.^ It’s gonna be FUN!

Gambare, minna

Let’s keep in Touch!


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