Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY

Happy Tattoo Tuesday everyone! <3 I can’t express how much inspiration I have bubbling inside me for more Japanese-inspired tattoos pleaasseeee!!!!! 😀 From preparing for Japan, prepping my #supportLIPS fundraiser (I’m learning so much about so many things, btw haha), and having seen a good fill of ukiyo-e at Ronin’s 40 for 40 (you can read that here) I am just oozing inspiration that needs to be harnessed! That shared, I decided that when I return from Japan, I should harvest a lot of that inspiration for some creative Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY! That’s right! November 27- December 31, 2015 I am encouraging people to book appointments with me for some creative portfolio work. Please visit Little INKPLAY Shop for more information, including booking .

Ahhh~ … Nostalgia

Created between 2009-2011, these pieces are some of my earlier works inspired by various styles and elements found wabori. At that time I was coming out of my tattoo apprenticeship so I segmented a lot of elements I wanted to practice into small pieces requested by clients. Keep reading ~

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