Why Hello There! I’m ipukekawaii … Nice to meet you! ♡

Hi kawaii + creative family, old and new!

I am Imani (イマーニ) K. Brown, tattoo artist/ illustrator. I am a creative, a dreamer & a go getter. I am also a girl boss. Read more a

Welcome to my personal kawaii space on the internet.

GAMBARE ipukekawaii is my personal blog with a mix of things from my personal kawaii equation, tattoos/ art + Japanese culture = myKawaii

Business and brand wise, I am on a mission to create a kawaii culture hub. I also want to build my personal brand from here to Japan!

So, I’m getting organised and blossoming into a colourful and kawaii creative.

Stop by and check out my tattoos & art!



I hope you’ll join me for the ride with all of the up’s and downs. But more importantly, for the growth!

This blog WILL be super photo heavy! But I promise to do my best to keep it fun, creative, and informative.

Also, I am a naturally helpful person and love sharing. So I hope something shared here will encourage and inspire you!

Finally, my home is your home! So get comfortable and enjoy!

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💖🎀✨Who Are You, ms. ipukekawaii?!

Online, I am better known as ipukekawaii.

As a tattoo artist and illustrator I use blogging as a way to open up and connect with the rest of the world. I won’t bore you with a lot of basic information about myself … I just want to tell you about my namesake. ^^

For all my professional logistics, please visit my here ~

wearing Rainbowholic brand signature tee

ipuke Kawaii (my namesake)

commonly written ipukekawaii

Some time ago, in a Facebook group Sharing & Caring with Cute B(V)logs, a community friend shared concern that my online name may trigger emetophobia (the fear of things pertaining to vomit).

So I wanted to take a moment and share and assure visitors here that you will not experience vomit (as you know it) around these parts. Please don’t worry! ^^

My namesake is a combination of kind reminders as I continue self improvement. It’s a mix of an inside joke while in e.d. (eating disorder) recovery mode and a celebration of becoming more expressive as a creative, allowing my tattoo lifestyle to explode in pink and 24/7 cuteness … HELLO Kawaii life! <3

The name, ipukekawaii is my personal growth reminder. ^^

Let me elaborate ~

  • Eating Disordermy name started as an inside joke among recovering friends 😀 Purging is a part of my life. Close friends and I started making light some of our cornier habits (my habit includes a high sugar intake of cute sweets) to better accept them and start healing. It made me feel less ashamed and more open to exploring ways to keep on track. <3  Here’s a list of other things I am actively working through and how I cope, if interested.
  • Tattoo Life Meets Kawaii CultureI think the less sweets I ate (due to recovery) the more it transferred to my work wardrobe choices – I don’t know when it started happening, but my tattoo and kawaii lifestyles starting merging themselves. Occasionally I would come to work in a LOT of pink, some random J-fashion, especially Lolita, or even as a weeb (and I was am ok with that)! The boys started saying that I was eating too many sweets and it was showing. LOL I can imagine the shock when a girl who usually dresses in leggings and a tee, started showing up in pink poofy dresses and lace. 😀
Gloomy Bear geek out with shopmate (& best friend) Tokyo Thirteen ・Check out our snapchats @ipukekawaii | @tokyothirteen
  • Growth Reminder, I always strive to be a better Imani than the day before. So my namesake is a constant reminder of my personal growth. I have not always lived a kawaii lifestyle, I have not always been kind and patient. I am working on it, daily. My rage, impatience, sassiness (among some other things) are the things I want to change, heal, or reprogram within myself, hopefully making me a better Imani K. Brown. My attitude does not always ideal of someone who is “kawaii” but I strive, daily.

… and that’s pretty much it! It’s very nice to meet you! ^^

💖🎀✨My Blog

My blog is named Gambare iPukekawaii.

Gambare (がんばれ→ ga・n・ba・ray) means do your best/give it your best.

It’s an interjection word of encouragement and to wish good fortune.

GAMBARE friends, old & new! Always do your best! <3

I shout GAMBARE a lot to encourage fellow dreamers, creatives, and go getters. I am all about paying things forward and kawaii empowerment. And I also LOVE fortunes. So it felt right. ^.~

there's a bright future ahead ~
there’s a bright future ahead ~

Here’s a snippet of the things I hope to improve and why I hope to keep up with blogging ~

  • organization – my on-line, especially, are a mess! My art, thoughts, and things are as scattered as my creative thoughts. >.< I would like to give those things a space under one platform (Please check out my recent start with my monthly organisation shares. Feel free to tell me how I’m doing)
  • communication – I would like to become more confident in talking about my art & things. I think it’d help for a better overall presentation of both my art and myself.
  • empowerment – not just self empowerment, but I hope that my shares encourage and inspire others to do more dreaming, creativity, and chasing goals among other positive things. <3

And here I am!

Gambare ipukekawaii

I am currently spending most of my time

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Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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