#INKtober Bakenko Illustration + October Recap + November Goals

Hi friends old and new!

This is CRAZY! >.< #INKtober’s Over … Now What?!

Wow! 😳 No really … as of today, #INKtober’s over. 😓

Today’s the last day but guess what y’all … kawaii (creative) achievement UN-frakkin’-LOCKED! ^.^

cat art, cat art, cat art! 😸💗💕✨

In four years I’ve never completed a full #INKtober. But this year, I’m finishing strong! 💪🏾✨

Today I’ll be sure to share my last illustration for #INKtober. And later, my goals for November.

But before we hop to it, here’s a quick recap of the month.

✨#INKtober Recap

Here are a few of my absolute favourites from this year’s #INKtober.

Be sure to check out my weekly round-up’s (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4) and leave comments telling me your favourites!

she's all about that "hug life"
“hug life” Ippie-chan | Week 4
#blacklivesmatter Ippie-chan
#blacklivesmatter Ippie-chan | Week 4
Amma-chan | Week 3
ornamental dapper cat | Week 2
ornamental dapper cat | Week 2
ornamental meowth | Week 2
Pokemon friends | Week 1
ornamental lace rose | Week 1
Ornamental Good fortune Ippie-chan | Week 1

✨Illustration | Dance of the Bakeneko

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d explore the Japanese folklore of cat ghost.

… it’s Halloween, I like cats, and the story of bakeneko and nekomata tickle my fancy …

So it fits! *kanye shrug*

And I decided to spend my last three days (Sat – Mon) of intense practice putting in some intense work.

Enjoy ~

😺About Bakeneko😸

In Japanese folklore, bakeneko and nekomata are among the magical cat yokai.

The translation of bakeneko would be “Changing Cat”. So they’re shape shifter spirits, specifically. Nekomata, however, are unable to change form.😿

Traditionally, bakeneko are known to take human (or near-human) shape.

Some bakeneko maintain a cat form, but they are able to speak human language and wear human clothes.

started my sketch last week

😺Where the Story Begins😸

At the time cats began to populate Japan, most of the country lived on vegetables and grains.

But cats are carnivores and need high amounts of protein.😼

So cats commonly stood on their hind legs and licked fish oil. At that time heavy supplies were found in homes since it was used as fuel for oil lamps.🙀

As they stood, their shadows would elongate, looking more human and frightening their owners. 🙈😹

days #2 & 3 inking progress

Aside from the story itself, I am also inspired by bakeneko being a popular ukiyo-e subject in Edo period. (←my favorite period in Japanese history ✨)

Many stories include a human in the foreground. Adding a giant cat in the background shows the human’s true soul.

The true bekeneko.

Dance of the Bakeneko | brush pen & ink on tracing paper, 10/31/2016
Ippie-chan & Nekomata ghost detail
Chouchin (paper lantern ghost) detail
party shot ^^

✨November Goals


I want to keep this creative momentum going without neglecting my business building to-do’s^^

So here are my goals for November ~

  • create an #INKtober round-up video for ipukekawaiiTV
  • start Nov/ Dec’s creative project – 10 inspiring women illustration/ blog project (more about that as I progress)
  • Move #supportLIPS fundraiser to Patreon (I’ll have to pause this one to put some other things in place, first … my OCD’s lol)
  • start defining art exploration
  • create art exploration curriculum
  • start bringing ideas for my personal brand to life

I think that’s enough for one month! 👯

Leave comments with some of your goals this month.

And let’s hold each other accountable. ^.^

If you enjoyed this, please see my full art portfolio and learn more about Little INKPLAY Shop.

Happy Monday!

Gambare, minna

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24 thoughts on “#INKtober Bakenko Illustration + October Recap + November Goals

  1. Oh gosh all your art is so beautiful!! Seriously so amazing and inspiring! I can not wait to see your 10 inspiring women illustrations!
    I’ve never heard of Ink October, so I’ll have to go through and check it out! Makes me wish I could draw!

  2. Wow – these are all really incredible prints and I am super impressed! And love INKtober idea and the motivation it brings!

  3. You are so talented and creative. I don’t think I would be able to do such a great job like you have but I certainly can appreciate the fun colors and designs.

  4. These illustrations are so pretty!! I need to show them to my daughter because she would love them!

    1. Yes Reese! Please do! I’ll be doing more as I organize my kawaii & otaku art classes for kids. I’ll be happy to send you guys some coloring book page freebies for some creative famil fun!

    1. Hey Amanda! i bet that’s not true 🙂 If you can write your ABC’s you can in fact draw. Here’s a perpective – if you look at writing alphabet as individual doodles, then you’re doing it every day ^^ (true story! 😸)

  5. These are really cute and creative! I don’t know a lot about inktober or the background of this illustration style, but I think it’s really pretty.

    1. Thanks Theresa! If you’re interested, there’s a link about Inktober’s history under “MOTIVATED, Me!” reads 🙂 There’s also a quick link early in this post. It’s really cool! You may want to doodle and join the fun next year 💗

  6. These are very impressive art! My son loved the pokemon friends drawing and I also love the ornament flower lace! You are so talented.

    1. OMG! Thank you 🙂 I’m glad he loved it. Please message me an email addy. I’ll be happy to send you guys the coloring book page I did with that art 💗

  7. Wow! You’re so talented, I love these arts. Especially the flower lace, it simple and neat!

    1. Thanks bunches Wendy! The flower lace is my usual tattoo style 🙂 So it always ends up in my art … even among the cute stuff 🙈😸

  8. Inktober is like my favorite thing ever! I love watching all of the creative and amazing things that are posted!

    1. Thanks Debra! It’s also my favorite time 🙂 I use it as a way to guage what type of art I’d like to dedicate at least one year of study to ~ 2017 is cats! 😸💗💕✨

  9. I didn’t know anything about the ghost cat legends but I do love cats! Thanks for sharing something I didn’t know and your drawings are beautiful!

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