Revisiting My Kawaii Mascots | #INKtober Round-Up 3

Hi friends old and new!

Happy FriYAY!!!!!!

Three cheers for creativity!!! 👯✨

For some reason last week was overwhelming, creatively.

So I decided to take my time, revisit some old friends and color to take the stress away.

Coloring takes time … soooooo I’m an entire week behind. (gomen ne!)

colored Amma-chan, now who’s next?! indecisive me

I also didn’t record working with these pieces so my video project to launch my Youtube, ipukekawaiiTV is slowly morphing. 🙈😅

But a consistent idea that will help inspire will show itself when the time is ripe. I’m sure of it!

So I’ll just keep working and sharing, yes?! 😸 {← hooray!!! to my continuing to exercising giving myself space to build, breathe, and GAMBARE! ^^}

Let’s see what week 3 of #INKtober had in store for cool, kawaii & creative ME! ^^

✨Empowering Kawaii Mascots

The mascots that I’m revisiting here are have been used for creative marketing while sharing my concept for Little INKPLAY Shop.

Head to the comments after this and let me know in the comments which mascots you enjoy best.

Amma-chan, “Free Hugs” kokeshi | inspired by the Hindu spiritual leader and hugging saint, Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī or … Amma (mother)
kokeshi sisters | #supportLIPS mascots
Pay It Forward cupcake | #supportLIPS mascots
Sweet Manekineko | because sometimes life’s good fortune is like a cupcake 😋
gold manekineko | #supportlips mascot
kawaii ink & art friends | #supportLIPS mascots
kawaii empowerment affirmation by Terra <3
hand style of Terra’s kawaii empowerment affirmation <3

It’s a few days left … so it’s STILL not too late to join the INKtober fun.
Just draw and hashtag #INKtober on any social media platform to share.

Gambare, minna

Let’s keep in Touch!


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