My 5 Essential Organization Tools + How I Organize

Real life is… a perpetual compromise between the ideal and the possible; but the world of pure reason knows no compromise, no practical limitations, no barrier to the creative activity.”

~   Bertrand Russell

Hi かわいい + creative family!

I’m VERY excited that my 2018 has taken off with creativity!

Now let’s talk about a major creative entrepreneur key …


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Keeping up with an already heavy (and growing) workload can be difficult.

But the answer to that is organization!

EVERY creative entrepreneur needs it … especially us artists (of almost any medium), cuz whoa chile can WE (yes, me too!) procrastinate >.<

So here’s my top 5 essential organization tools for creatives + a bit about how I use them ^.^

💗 📚 5 Organization Tools ✨

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We creatives keep a LOT of ideas in our head.

Unfortunately, while it is a common practice, it’s also a barrier that hurts and hinders most of us from getting the bag 💰💸

However, the truth is that …

to successfully move ideas into real life, every creative MUST find a compromise between the ideal (our visions/ creative ideas) and the possible (our IRL limitations) ~

A good organization system helps you see where that compromise can happen.

This is a process that takes time, just like anything else new.

🤔 💭It’s taken me about 1 year (+ a few good friends) to stay the course and get through the muck of organizing so that I can see my business flourish. 💬

BUT with these 5 key tools and practice I guarantee that any creative can get and STAY organized – both daily and organically.

Pens/ Pencils

Really. What else would you doodle with?!

Seriously, we walk around all the time with all the ideas stuffed in our head (said that earlier ✔︎) …

But you have to make room for new ideas. Otherwise your brain gets crowded, you become forgetful, and there goes THE idea that would get you the bag 💰💸

I know we think we’re doing something to make a text note or tell Siri to remind us. But there are serious benefits to be tangible.

Here are some other benefits of (actually) writing your ideas, goals, and visions ~

✔︎calming, meditative
(💆🏽‍♀️makes you breathe, whoosah, and say ohm)

✔︎triggers your brain to pay CLOSE attention
(just a shot in the dark that you’ll probably want your brain to know your ideas? 🤷🏽‍♀️)

✔︎coordinates the left + right sides of the brain
(🙋🏾‍♀️ much-needed for artist/ owners like me)

✔︎boosts cognitive skills and memory
(yup! making room is real people!)

✔︎inspires creativity
(🤦🏾‍♀️ you’ll probably have more ideas 😅)

Idea Book

You read what writing triggers … CREATIVITY !!!!!

Which, I’m sure it’s a very strong possibility that you’ll be flooded with more ideas while writing.

It’s also likely that you’ll get more ideas while working, coming & going, grocery shopping, talking to friends, out drinking … you get the point.

So keep an idea book and just let the ideas roll!

Eventually, find some tine to come back to them.

I usually revisit my idea book EVERY time I have a “new” idea … because it’s probably crossed my mind before. But maybe in less detail.

Vision Map

It’s easy to take all the ideas that you have and create goals and/ or intentions.

But things can also get forgotten or overlooked when you haven’t put the specs to those goals – making them more specific, time-oriented and measurable.

So you’ll need a vision map. It’s a vision board + mind mapping, made fun!

A huge advantage to vision mapping is visualization. Because that is where your ideas start to become tangible … you can almost reach out and touch them!

And that’s where we all want to be in order to brand (anything) with intention ~

I guided my 2017 with a vision map. And I’m happy to share that I met all my goals with a couple of months left to spare. ^.^

You can see my process, facilitated by success coach/ customer-friend, Mike Powell here

I strongly recommend every creative do at least one for the year, at the least. Make it big + bold. And hang it somewhere visible so that you can see your road map, daily.


This is where you can dump all of those dates for your goals …

the ones from your vision map!

That’s gonna be helpful since your vision map will be hanging in a stationary place.

If you put your goal dates in a calendar with your daily rituals & routines, you’ll be able to better see what’s ideal vs. what’s possible.

(O hi balance + compromise! 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾)

Another strong suggestion about keeping a calendar is to WRITE it DOWN!

Why?! … memory. 🙌🏾 Nuff said 🙌🏾

shout out to dat editorial calendar keeping me on task y’all!!!!!! ^.^

A tip to writing your calendar is to color code things.

Pens + highlighters are magical ✨ and help train your eye to guide you quickly through your many tasks in one day ~

And if you are a content creator of any kind, an editorial calendar works wonders!

My editorial calendar includes blog/ vlog posts, meet-ups, + merch drops for Little INKPLAY Shop

But I have to move things around so much (ah ~ life!)

So I translated my editorial calendar to cute post-its that I can move around on top of my daily calendar. It’s like art imitating life 🤣


Last but not least, a journal to keep track of your brain and its inner workings is the best thing ever!

Journaling is meditative and introspective. A great self-care tool for creatives ^.^

sometimes I doodle my feelings to decompress …

It’s also a practical way to show and measure your goals’ success.

And visualize your ideas + intentions.

I keep goals every month ~

Check out my 2017 journal year-in review here and full journal kit + tools here.

If organizing overwhelms you or you need a helping hand to getting there, download my Kawaii + Creative DREAM BIG Planner, made with love for fellow creatives just like YOU! ^.^

Happy coming of age to all celebrating today!

Gambare, minna!


Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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