Hi! I’m Imani K Brown, ‘kawaii’ black female tattoo artist and illustrator ^.~

Welcome to my virtual home where I share colorful memoirs of a kawaii tattoo shoppe girl ^.^

With 15 years of merging afro + kawaii + tattoo, I host a regular TATTOO TALK + share adventures in kawaii creative brand building as I whip my personal brand, ipukekawaii into shape ^.^

Fair warning ~
I radiate an aggressive amount of pink energy, share a SH!T TON of UNpopular opinion about tattoo, and especially love connecting with purpose driven tattoo collectors + kawaii creatives! Also you shouldd note … Somethings you may have to leave at the table. It’s a-ok! 🤷🏾‍♀️

AND I promise to always make it fun, engaging, and informative <3