Hobonichi Flipthrough + October #INKtober Goals

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

It’s that monthly goal digging’ time!

Since I’m getting ready for Blacks in Japan Conference, September was filled with builds.

So let’s see how well I did since having this new editorial calendar ^.^

Enjoy ~

🌸ほぼ日 Flip-through +
#INKPLAY Highlights

first lemme give a shout out to my fatty … my ride or die <3

My month started with workshops + sharing at Escape Velocity Con with CRANK & my Art Way Alliance family

and starting a cover-up for my long-time customer and entrepreneur homie, Mike

~goal diggin’ happened late last month …
launched Little INKPLAY Shop Collections | Kawaii + Quirky Art Apparel

… the process …

the result
and a happy pet mom and customer ^.^
Happy Fall! New print + stickers NOW AVAILABLE

Finished this piece strong with some Egyptian lotus, a favorite of mine ^.^

And ended my month with lines galore … and I couldn’t be happier <3

I think it’s fair to tip my (imaginary) hat to the things I was able to get done this month.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that ^.^

creativity ✅

… naow how did I do with my goals?!

🌸September Small Goals

shout out to dat editorial calendar keeping me on task yall!!!!!! ^.^


⭕️ Halloween print + stickers Shop Now
⭕️ Kawaii Swole (client) OC + blog site work ← OC’s on deck!
⭕️ conceptualize for Tokyo A-Z Guidebook (client) ← join her FB community, it’s LIT!


⭕️30 day fundraiser Launched
⭕️Big Blog Give-a-Way ← making magic with Rainbowholic
⭕️keep back blogging ← soro soro da yo! (gradually)


⭕️create new editorial + marketing schedule ← this shizzz is BOMB!
⭕️plan + announce Japan fall travel/ guest work ← Yup! Here + Here
⭕️VC + BI research & organisation ← soro soro da yo! (gradually)

🌸October #INKTOBER Goals

its bout to be #INKTOBER y’all ~

… so my goals are simple. create daily for 30 days.

And so I don’t get overwhelmed, I made a list of ideas to ink. Some are work related, some are ideas for 2018 releases and others are just for fun.

But in all things, I’m taking the pressure off for October and going to enjoy being an artist!

I made a kit so I have NO EXCUSE for making this happen, daily ^.^

It’s also my first time interacting with friends (👋 CRANK + Black Creatives in Japan)

Here’s our happy #INKtober family ~

Alisha G ・Anesha GrantAsante KirbyCRANK SnacksDanielle E.D.DrewLittle INKPLAY ShopMileZSXFNGR

We’ll also be sharing DC KawaiiStyle community member #INKTOBER shares ~

Check everyone out and give a follow on IG. Send us cheers along the way <3

Thanks for goal diggin’ with me ^.^

Got goals and/ or feedback + content suggestions? Comment below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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