Hobonichi Flipthrough + Aug Small Goals + FriYAY Sticker Drop

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

And hi August! Fancy seeing you here~ huhuhu
You know what a new month means family

… another hobonichi flip through and time to some set monthly goals ^.^

I’m business building again (God bless my brain & soul LOL) so I have a lot to share as I continue to get sh!t done!

Read on! And don’t forget to make my comments bling with your goals and intentions. So we can boss up and kick August’s arse togevuuhhhhh ~

First a flip through and some creativity and then let’s talk goals shall we …

🌸ほぼ日 Flip-through +

#INKPLAY Highlights

This month was a LOT more positive, productive and happy ~

You can shop sticker drops every FriYAY at Little INKPLAY Shop
told yah I’m gettin’ sh!t done ^.^
*shameless plug* shop & share CRANK’s art + graphic tees
‘There is a universe in her afro / hold us back though / there is a power in the Black folk / but that’s Forbidden Knowledge’
her #firsttattoo
our first time together was magical <3
back at it with IP Brand VC x BI
2 years ago + 2 years later … our polka trash style back piece ~

… and finished the month strong!

Visit ipukekawaii.tattoo for more of my tattoo work ^.^

Now to recap July’s goals …

🌸July Small Goals

I didn’t do too bad by far! In fact, I think I’ll keep up with these smaller goals ^.^
It’s far less pressure to be great + there’s plenty room to grow ~


⭕️ make more stickers!! (👋👋👋 creative obsession)


⭕️ keep up with the new webshop (1 drop, weekly)

⭕️ start building out my visual communication/ branding services (with Tim ^.^)

⭕️ transfer art to portfolio spaces on LIPS online


⭕️ create art for #DCtoJapan (launching formally 8/1 🙏)

❌finish updating back blogs

almost there … gamabrimasu!!!!!!! ^.^

🌸August Small Goals


🌸 more stickers!! + a realistic marketing schedule
🌸 creative direction, vision, & planning for current kawaii branding projects
(more info as we get close ^.^)


🌸 revamp webshop sticker drop + marketing schedule
🌸 create manga & some visual aides for IP Brand VC x BI (with Tim ^.^)


🌸finish updating back blog … solo close 😩
🌸 launch #DCtoJapan! August 15! Leggo ~

That’s it for me ~

Don’t forget to share your comments below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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