Hobonichi Flipthrough + April Small Goals

Hi kawaii + creative friends and family!

Happy April.

Happy SPRING! <3

It’s my favorite time of year (Cherry Blossom season) so I have a LOT going on!

Be sure to visit my studio’s site for the entire cherry blossom season line-up. It’s chou kawaii yo! <3

Otherwise you know what time it is …

The first of the month (well, close enough to the 1st LOL) and I get to share last month’s adventures through hobonichi kawaii journaling.

AND … I get to share all the awesomeness to look forward to for the days to come! <3

Ok~ Leggo!

🌸Hobonichi (ほぼ日) Flipthrough + Creative Highlights

As you can see, I didn’t let life happen as it did in February 😩😭😹😅

have some aesthetically pleasing cats!

I can even grace you with …

🎀Creative Highlights

Boom! That’s right!

I started seeing my consistency, growth and personal creativity. I’m also using my hobonichi as a sketchbook. So it was bound to happen 😭

Original Characters

☝︎look familiar?!☟


Check out my round-up and cherry blossom tattoos THIS #TATTUESday (that’s tomorrow ^.^) on my tattoo blog ~

Kawaii Achievments

Here are some unexpected things from the month – from creative talks to personal creativity. ^.^

Beats & Beans Creative Talk
my first info graphic, DONE!
Gertie Gerbre Photography Exhibit Feature + The Swift Kick Show Creative Branding Talk (☜ blog post pending … #staytuned ^.^)
Creative Vibers feature

✨March Small Goals + Events

❌black excellence in tattooing blog updates ~

I should probably NOT put a date on this. It WILL happen, but for some reason my mind’s not fully there, making it hard to make good on this. But it WILL return one day (hopefully soon)

❌live art on IG ~

see above >.<

⭕️Chateau de Kawaii illustration/branding work ~

All work DONE! ^.^ I had fun for the time that I worked with this project <3

❌Kawaii in da Hood logo/branding/ structure work ~

It’s not being done by my hands, so I don’t think I should take credit to say that it’s done … but it is in the works. And I’m working with some amazing artists to get ‘er done, too!  #staytuned

✨March Events

⭕️3/12 (Sun) | Do the Doodle Fundraiser Workshop

⭕️3/17 (Fri) |Kawaii in da Hood at E.L. Haynes Wellness Day, Pt. 1

⭕️3/25 (Sat) | Intro to Kawaii + Chateau de Kawaii website launch

⭕️3/30 (Thurs) |Kawaii in da Hood at E.L. Haynes Wellness Day, Pt. 2

(still working on the event report)

✨April Small Goals

🌸Big Blog Give-a-Way

I’m REALLY excited! I’ve been working really hard on my content + presentation here. Not to mention creativity and things to talk about … without adding extra work to my life >.< Anywhoo ~ I LOVE my blog. and I enjoy sharing in kawaii + creativity. So why not =^.^=

🌸K Mastermind + Family Business Build

It’s a part of my creative mastermind project. My beau and I are working hard to use resources and things learned here to build a family business for passive income. 🙂

✨April Events

🌸4/8 (Sat) | Sakura Matsuri

It’s DC KawaiiStyle + Little INKPLAY Shop’s first time out! Join us ~

🌸4/22 (Sat) | Creator Con Festival

WHAT! I’m a creator ~ And aside from sharing more about kawaii + creativity, I’ll be sharing my art. *wOOt*

🌸4/26 (Wed) | Japan Spring Working Vacay

Johnny and I are going to have a BLAST! I get to work with my friends at Heavy Weight Tattoo, go on kawaii dates with tattoo and kawaii friends, catch up with my tattoo family and show Johnny around (we’re gonna be tourists! HA). Best part … it’s my first time traveling during Golden Week!

Those shares are gonna be bananas (I PROMISE!) so be sure you’ve subscribed!

What are your goals for the month? Feel free to share below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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