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I’m so stoked! OMG I am still high from last night and I think most of it is just what the doctor ordered!

A couple weeks sago, Shane asked if I would be interested in painting a mural on a freighter as live painting for Market SW at Waterfront Station on behalf of Art Whino.

I conferred with my beau because the specs were extremely overwhelming- a 20′ freighter, only six hours, and it had to be family friendly. Seriously, it sounded like a Street Art Throwdown challenge, but after a series of Crank questions that got my ball rolling, I emailed and accepted!

Market copy

I think it’s uber dope that two artists heavily influenced by Japanese art and illustration were asked to work side by side. The homie Superwaxx and I just had a convo about getting out there, conquering new mediums, and just having fun growing in art, in general. So I truly appreciated and was UBER stoked to find out that she and I were scheduled to paint alongside each other.

*good vibes~*


This is what I submitted as my original concept. There is no rhyme or reason to this design. I was in a super sh!tty mood when I came up with the concept but I always tell my customers to dig deep and get things tattooed that relate to them. So even in my mood, I had to take my own advice, dig deep, and find something that made me smile.


Sometimes just walking down the street and smiling at people followed with a kind hello snaps me out of whatever dark place I’m going to, so that was my start. I was in a dark place and I needed to snap out of it, post haste! And well … the cupcake really has no explanation. Even on my darkest day a delicious cupcake makes me smile, so why not pay it forward?!

Of course it got approved! Who wouldn’t approve a giant cupcake that talks?! LOL
Ok. Ok … so that was corny. (sue me >.<) Moving on to some progress shots.

Oh! *backtrack* ・・◁◁◁・・
We went shopping for paints and things and it is documented! I intended on sharing it with you guys, however things have leading up to being able to paint this mural were really tense and stressful, so I don’t think I did a great job grabbing shots of the all the fun magical stuff. I don’t ever want to include many debbie downer things in my shares, so I decided it best to leave that part out. 😀

Ok! ・・▷|| ・・*press play*

Here are some progress shots from the day. I love the heat and summer is my all time favourite season, but I am sooooo thankful this event didn’t happen during the heat wave. I don’t think I would have survived =⊙.⊙=

2015-07-24 17.26.36 2015-07-25 08.42.02

2015-07-24 22.33.44 2015-07-24 20.33.55

2015-07-24 22.33.37

All Done!

Wow! My first mural. It is my first time working on such a large scale and my first time working with spray paint. *eek!* Pardon me whilst I feel on myself and pat myself on the back for a few things. I took on something a bit scary, stuck with it, trained hard (YES! My beau made sure I got comfortable with cans before we made it out there *haha*), had fun, and left a piece of me on a giant freighter! *cues happy dance*

2015-07-24 21.39.38

2015-07-24 21.39.01

SuperWaxx was a huge support (don’t get it twisted!) After seeing a Facebook status that had a great deal of people worried (gomen, gomen minna! life is just UGH at the moment), she wanted to make sure I would be there and ready to make my mark. I can’t explain how much support in artists community mean and I appreciate her concern more than I can express! THANK YOU <3

2015-07-24 21.46.07

2015-07-24 21.45.59

DC KawaiiStyle got it’s first shout out *haha* (psssst … Join our community and get to know other kawaii lovers or even learn what kawaii is! We’ll be starting some cool workshops for 2016)

2015-07-24 21.49.09

Also, a huge THANK YOU Kareshi-sensei for putting up with me, my questions, and my frustrations. You’re the best *chu~*

2015-07-24 22.33.55

Stop By & Say HELLO

My piece will be available for view and photos until August 28, so if you’re in the DC area and find yourself at Waterfront Station (there’s a Safeway right on the corner of 4th & M Street, SW) stop by, take a few flicks and say HELLO! <3 Be sure to share and hashtag #ipbrand so that I can find you!

map copy

Thanks for looking~

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