Take Care of Your Mental Health & Have 7 Cups of Tea

Happy Saturday minna-san!

How yah hanging today?!
Positively painting it bright I hope ^^

Me?! I’m good, just concerned about my friends near and far, and their mental well-being.

This post is triggered by a friend who was compelled to reach out to me in one of his darkest hours.

Last night we went to dinner and I was able to lend a genuine listening ear. We ALL need it sometimes. But my heart is still heavy. (I’m praying for him) I shared something that’s helped me and he’s going to try it when needed.


I have a lot of friends in the same circles of mental instability and I usually share my stories and helpful solutions one on one. But since sharing is caring, I’m sure this could help a reader or someone else in the blogosphere too.

As someone with a (few) mental illness(es), invisible handicaps, learning curves, or whatever you’d like to call it (I choose learning curves) I know I should have sought treatment a long time ago. But I didn’t because of shame, fear, guilt and a lot of other negative feelings. Instead, I read Deadpool and learned how to embrace my crazy. 😁

However, in some of my darkest and loneliest hours, I wish someone would have reached out to me. Often times, I still wish someone cared enough to talk openly and candidly about their mental hurdles. Or cared enough to share some self-help apps and alternatives that would help put me on a path of self-improvement.

Here I will share why I choose to call my things learning curves, a list of my learning curves, and then introduce you to 7 Cups of Tea. Ok!

Why the Term LearningCurve?!

See. The way my learning curve is set-up …

I affectionately call my mental instability learning curves. I chose this term because it’s not demeaning or makes me feel incomplete or broken in any way. It’s also easier to express reasoning if I have to share uncomfortable information out of necessity.

Sometimes, (most) people will find particular requests or strange & off-putting. But if I say “it’s a learning curve” it triggers an empathy of people wanting to work with me as opposed to them thinking I am being difficult (or slow) in any way. It also indicates that I am not inhibited by my condition(s), I just need to work hard to master them – my triggers and positive, effective coping skills much like being a work in progress or in forever BETA mode. ^^

My LearningCurves

Of course I can’t glaze over having metal illness like it’s no worry and not expect you to be triggered with curiosity. Don’t worry, it won’t kill the cat though. 😹 So I’ll lay out my list for you. Just promise not to judge because I am truly a work in progress.

I’ll share this list in the order of how I am embracing/ accepting or working on things, including active therapy. 🙂 I’ll also give a bit of how I view(ed) them, introspectively for coping.

disclaimer: most of my coping is not a positive thought process so please do NOT pick up my habits (I’m working to unlearn most of them *sweat drop*)

Here goes ~

  • Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) – pretty much how I see myself mentally is NOT what’s happening in real life ~
  • Selective Eating Disorder (SED) – that’s anorexia & bulimia nervosa in ONE! >.< f*ck!
  • Depression – seasonal they say, but my low is REALL low and it’s the ugliest, maniacal, self-harming depression ever, but somehow told I’m NOT bipolar *kanye shrug*
  • anxiety/ panic (GAD) – Found out in my adult age … in Japan, that this has been a thing ALL of my life, diagnosed as a child. WTF mom >.< Anywhoo ~ I’m easily triggered if already emotionally unbalances, fatigued, and/ or unable to slow my world down round me
  • ADHD – I’m an artist dammit! it happens. and well … I think it’s normal, active behavior but well … we’ll leave that there 😁🙃
  • spacial issues – I NEED all 6 feet of my space beesch! and please do NOT touch me 😡😤
  • overly independent – wait?! this is a thing! I just thought I liked to earn my keep 👀😳
  • OCD – I’m OVERLY particular and everything has a space. Otherwsie, I’m scarily triggered by anxiety (it’s a vicious cycle >.<)

So now you know what I’m working with let me introduce you to 7 Cups of Tea. 😀

7Cups of Tea


From the Site:

7 Cups of Tea is an on-demand emotional health and well-being service. Our bridging technology anonymously & securely connects real people to real listeners in one-on-one chat.

Anyone who wants to talk about whatever is on their mind can quickly reach out to a trained, compassionate listener through our network. We have hundreds of listeners who come from all walks of life and have diverse experiences.

People connect with listeners on 7 Cups of Tea for all kinds of reasons, from big existential thoughts to small, day-to-day things that we all experience. Unlike talking to family or friends, a 7 Cups of Tea listener doesn’t judge or try to solve problems and say what to do. Our listeners just listen. They understand. They give you the space you need to help you clear your head.


I’ve been with them since their beginning, basically, and the good folks there have always been beyond helpful and supportive. They’ve recently done some MAJOR upgrades with engagement there. It has more of a social media feel which is cool! I think it feels more welcoming and encourages people to stop and check in …even if everything’s ok! 🙃✨

Let’s take a tour and see what can help you in 7 cups of tea. Dozo~

✨Kind Reminders & Coaching


In the “ME” section of the app you can track your self-improvement progress~


kind reminders to keep you on track 😊


this app is your own personal cheerleader 👯


levels to help you track engagement, growth, & achievements

✨Community Interaction & Group Support


there are multiple ways to find a supportive tribe for emotional & mental care

everyone needs a hug! <3

✨ Chat & Resources

multiple ways to connect & reach out, just for your comfort

find support based on interest or just hang out with the cool kids!

and who doesn’t love options for finding the right group chat & support ^^

✨ Miscellaneous Interaction

and if all else fails, simply post how you feel and keep it moving ~
because that’s a-ok too!

I hope something here encourages you to take care today! Don’t be like me and wait until far later to show yourself some love ~

Have you checked in on your mental wellness today?

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