Happy #PokemonDay + Monday Motivation

Hi kawaii + creative family,

I hope your weekend treated you well <3

It’s one of my favorite days today … #POKEMONDAY!!!!

So I thought I’d share some of my fav (recent) Pokemon moments and things.

Before that, though, I thought I should check-in with some motivation … in case Monday has been *meh* for you ~

Fell better now?! ‘cuz I know I do …

Now let’s build, breathe, Gambare and have some fun!

✨#POKEMONday & Me

2016 – 2017 was really eventful for my love of Pokemon …

I have legit been playing Pokemon since I was 15 … FIFTEEN!

I’m 36 now and still have ALL the love for this franchise, from the fun kawaii things to the branding and business~

If you’re new to my blog, check out my #pokemon20 and other pokemon-related adventures here. Otherwise, enjoy ~

my running buddy, Yaya & I at the new Pokemon Gym, Osaka^.^

my small haul ~

back at Little INKPLAY Shop, Mega Charizard X & Y Pikas live

in the studio … fire type vs. water type battles happen on my workflow board

I was also honored the opportunity to teach a Pokemon art class. THAT was super fun!

and here’s an illustration done in celebration of the anticipated Sun & Moon release
my (small) Pokemon washi tape collection … don’t worry, it’ll GROW! 🌱 I proudly hoard from Rainbowholic Shop
I got my beau to take me on Pokemon Go dates … talk about Sunday fun day!
I also got to attend another Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions (thanks Mirta & Joan)
and this is my 2017 project planning book ^.^ Also hoarded from Rainbowholic Shop ~
my journaling buddies today ~
’nuff said … HAPPY #POKEMONDAY minna
Hi! I’m Imani … and I love Pokemon <3

How are you celebrating #POKEMONDAY^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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