Happy Father’s Day Dad … Paint YOUR Day Bright

Hi yah かわいい+ creative family!

Happy Monday & happy (belated) fathers’ day to all the awesome dads out there.

This fathers’ day was a new reality for me so I thought I’d share my feels ~

Last update, I shared about my dad’s condition (very briefly). And asked for your prayers, positive thoughts & warm wishes. 💗

Well … June 5 (Monday) my dad said bye.

He went peacefully and surrounded by loved ones. And is no longer in pain 🙂

And as I decompress and process, our beautiful struggle has been laced with some pretty awesome times.

My dad was cool and loved meeting new people. Especially those attached to his girls, in any way.

So, c’mon! Meet my dad and let’s celebrate (his) life together ~

date correction | June 12 (Mon)

“let’s focus on happier things shall we?! …
me. I was over zealous.

you were unimpressed.
and dad just tried to hold it all together”

~Akilah (my sister)

🌸Closer Than Close

My dad and I didn’t talk every day. I didn’t go to a lot of family functions or come around much. BUT my dad and I had our own daughter/ daddy time. And a lot of inside jokes about life ~

always in his back pocket (thanks for finding these Key!)
hanging with my old man ~
honor society induction ceremony, 1998
blurry prom picture

He was a simple man and only wanted a phone call. And knowing how much I loathe talking on the phone, that’s all he wanted every fathers’ day ^.^ I could do that! 😺

And just like that, our annual time to shoot the sh!t became something rather special to us.

Oi! There was something else super special about being my dad’s kid …


When I met my dad, I also learned that I was a big sister.

Not too sure I ever told my sister how much of an honor it has been but yea. She’s a’ight … (love you Key! 😚)

She found these while preparing dad’s obituary. And sent them for a few laughs.

Check us out 💗💕✨

meet daddy’s girls 💗💕✨ Imani (Man I) & Akilah (Key)
Key + Man I
at Christmas 🙈😅
junior high Key + college Man I
I almost never tell my sister how proud I am of her, but I am ~
at Christmas again … all grown up!

Dang dad!

It’s funny how you can spend time understanding impermanence, suffering, death … life cycles. And in an instant, you have so many questions about this thing we call life ~

Thank you for helping me understand my purpose.

Thank you for helping me consider life and my bigger picture.

Thank you for your examples, funny life perspectives & real live dad advice to apply to business so I don’t beat myself up … too much 😅

Thank you for always giving me space to grow but leaving the door open so I could always return home.

Thanks for being my dad.

Miss you already old man ~



Everyone has checked in and asking how I’m doing. So here it is ~

This new reality without him is hard. But I’m happy my old man is without pain or worry. 🌈

So I know I’ll be a-ok in time.

His life (& death) brought many bright, colourful and thoughtful parts to my life. My dad makes up 1/3 of me, so I have plenty more to learn about me. It’s guaranteed to be a colourful ride!

In the meantime, I am to have made it over some of life’s humps. From now, I can be more present with my sister and step-mom.

I KNOW that would make my dad really happy.

cheers old man. love you always.

Thanks for sharing this moment with my family + me.

Happy (belated) fathers’ day and hugs to anyone else missing their dad ~ ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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