Happy 20 Pokemon … I LOVE YOU! 😸💗💕✨

Friends near and far … old & new! ‘Sup?!

Ok so ~

1. Happy Sunday minna-san! Genki desu ka?  (How are you?) Trady to start another week and crush your dreams I hope 👯

2. Can I just take a moment to share how much I LOVE POKEMON! …

I hope so because that’s what’s about to happen. Why?! Because this weekend is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary.

That’s right! TWO DECADES of Ashe silently enduring trying to become a Pokemon trainer. 😳😜

Gambatte Ashe-kun! 😹😹😹

As I think about it, Pokemon’s 20 also means I have been sucked into playing the same RPG since it’s beginning, literally. Now that’s dedication. And trust, in all of it’s frustration I have loved EVERY minute of it.

I won’t spam you with a million pics from my Pokemon collection over the past 20 years. Thag’s just doing too much. haha

BUT let’s take a look at a few things together ~

  • pokemon20.com, join the party!
  • Pokemon special products
  • Pokemon apps
  • top 5 Pokemon instgram feeds
  • top 10 creative #pokemon20 shares

Clearly this post is Pokemon packed. Later, I’ll be happy to spam you with photos from my top 20 moments that express how magical an experience Pokemon has been to me in the past 2 years. So please keep reading. ✨💗💕

Ok-k-k!!! 👯


Here’s a party worth joining! If you’re an introvert like me who loves personal space, here’s where you can party alone … among friends. ^^



・mobile site’s navigation menu・

Pokemon 20’s celebration site is packed with things to look forward to including a timeline of Pokemon achievements & highlights.

・where it all began … I was 17・


We all know that the bundle comes out today. I wonder who’s getting it?!

EVERYTHING in me as a fire type trainer wants the new cover but I must resist >.< (It doesn’t match my daily aesthetic so I’ll have to pass😅)

Pikachu’s never been so cute! or has he?! 🙃💭

kawaii~ 😫 hoping to grab him to add to my collection huhuhu


these clip & carry Poke’ balls got me wanting to catch ’em all tho! 😅


Yup! There’s a lot and my phone is filled with them in case I’m apart from my DS and need a quick fix.

I use my Pokemon guide and play Pokeroru almost daily~

For Pokemon 20, the new app is Pokemon Photo Booth. It’s really simple and fun!

 What’s life if you can’t harras ypur loved ones Pokemon style?! 😁😜🙃✨


Here are my top 5 Instagram galleries with awesomely delicious quick Poke’visuals. Stop by and check ’em out! <3

#pokemon20 Top 10

I enjoyed scrolling on the ‘gram between work things. My eyes were so happy!!!


Top20 Personal PokeMoments

Like I said, I have been with this franchise since the beginning so there are a lot of moments. So let’s narrow this down and concentrate on the past two years of magical moments with Pokemon.

2014-11-25 16.50.22

moment: finding the Pokemon Center, Osaka

2014-12-16 19.48.10


moment: live painting at Pop-Up Arcade, can you guess the inspiration?!

2015-05-24 19.50.11

moment: pokeSWAG on da muahfuggin honies!!!

moment: mew charms x me


got dat amiibo shawty ~

And for my treat … I was able to grab a version ~

If you’re ever near your DS & want to battle feel free to add me ~

Friend Code ♡・2036-7102-4612・♡

I’ll leave you with one more special piece, my video from Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions. It was truly a magical night. 💗

Welp trainers …  I hope you are enjoying all of the Pokemon 20 celebrations, near and far. 🙂

But for nostalia’s sake, let me ask you …

What’s your favorite starter type Pokemon?

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  1. OMG!! Super kawaii post! I love that Japanese cloth Pikachu plushie 😉 It’s adorable! Zenbu tottemo kawaii!!!

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