Creating Kawaii Kokeshi at Girl Con (Event Report) + A PLEAD to Parents

Hi かわいい + creative family! Happy FriYAY the 13th!

DC Kawaii Style is prepping for tomorrow’s Sakura Matsuri

We hope to see you there!

Last week was the best kawaii kokeshi OC workshop with my Art Way Alliance fam at this year’s Girl Con ^.^

As always … events with the fam are always fun! (we be lit + lit)

We  workshopped and created our own kawaii kokeshi original characters.

Check it out! Let me know if you’re inspired … maybe they’ll become downloadable fun! 🤷🏾‍♀️

Enjoy ~

Create a Kawaii Kokeshi OC at Girl Con

kawaii KOKESHI!!!!!!!!!!
+ greetings <3
attendees strolling in ^.^
and …
let’s create!
ALWAYS an honor when adults + parents take interest in the workshops ^.^

Kawaii Inspired Original Characters

OUR Kawaii Kokeshi

This is my favorite part of hosting workshops …


I made a simple kokeshi outline and everyone filled in what they were confident with to make our own kokeshi original character.

Check it out!

eyes to bring her to life ^.^
bow accessories (with attitude!)

Peep the patterns on her body tho! potatoes + happy ghosts + an angry face flower ~

AND her companion

This kokeshi i two steps from being a magical girl …

more hair accessories (she’s drawing my cherry bomb oc <3)
and wings + a wand to top it off … drawn by a kawaii dreamer + IRL magical girl <3
AWA Founder, Eric approves ^.^ (that’s his happy face huhuhu)

A PLEAD to Parents

Some time ago I wrote a very unapologetic open letter to readers about my position within my community and how I use kawaii as an empowerment tool.

That shared, involving myself in kawaii also means that I experience some very precarious situations among American youth – black, white + other …

A lot, I feel is not  my place to actively involve myself in, BUT things that touch me to the core I have to speak on or feel that I am failing not just my community, but our youth in general.

At Girl Coon, I experienced a young girl – 14 years of age – who openly carries on a relationship (an innocent friendship, as she says) with an 18 year old, abroad.

There are many reasons why this can be ok’d within reason as our youth are exposed to different cultures through social media, culture exchange, and travel. However there are also MANY red flags of why this may be a danger. While I was curious (mostly from their naive responses and observing passive interaction from surrounding adults) it also wasn’t my place to dig deep …

What it does make me consider though, is honest conversations about the world we live in and how to maneuver. It makes me consider our youth’s safety and even further, the intention of adults who are surrounded to protect and guide them.

There’s so much going on that kids can get caught in easily, just because naivety is easy to prey upon. So please parents, and guiding adults, please use discernment. Get involved. Ask questions. And consider how certain interactions will help shape your child in the LONG RUN.

With as much is happening, my simple please is to keep our youth SAFE!

til next update!


Happy FriYAY y’all! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)


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