General Store Adventure with Chika-sensei + Kawaii Haul

Hi friends old and new!

Happy Thursday. It’s almost the weekend!

GAMBARE!!!! (hang in there)

I just wanted to swing thru with some photo spam from Chika and my adventure to Franklin’s General Store in Hyattsville, MD.

2016-08-10 15.09.29

♡ Our Mission~

to find local kawaii goods (preferably Japanese) that we could use to decorate SCETA Japan Center

♡ What was discovered~

Everyone’s taste in “cute” differs.

Chika and I loovvveeee kawaii things, but it took us a really long time to find things that made us squeal KAWAII!!!! in unison.

We live streamed the day. And you can definitely see (and hear) our different tastes in kawaii.

2016-08-10 15.47.37
check out our archived LIVE stream on Facebook

All that shared, please enjoy our day of kawaii exploration. And be sure to hang around for our kawaii haul video. <3

✨Around the General Store

2016-08-10 15.17.30
cute umberellas greeted us when we entered

ninja・daruma ・lucky cat・piggy・patchwork bear

Which one is more kawaii to you?!

2016-08-10 15.51.37
kawaii mood bandages (of course I’d love some kitty ones ^^)
2016-08-10 15.42.54
me: “sooooo cute!” | Chika: “you’re weird” LOL

Oh HELLO! ^^We struck GOLD with these super cute retro tin cans.

✨Our Kawaii Haul

2016-08-10 16.35.59

Back at SCETA Japan Center, we decided to film our kawaii haul for Chika’s Youtube channel.
And of course … there is more photo spam of our haul, for your enjoyment. ^^

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2016-08-10 16.44.54
cute tins and flowering fortunes kawaii haul
2016-08-10 16.44.25
Excellent + Good Luck Fortunes (Chika’s was excellent ^^)
2016-08-10 16.47.29
more views of our fortunes ^^

I was extremely happy to open the tin and see さいわい (saiwai) which means happiness.

It’s one of the first words and kanji I learned on my own in Japanese. Sometimes simply saying it makes me happy.

You can check out my sporadic shares of my learning Japanese here.


2016-08-10 16.47.44
さいわい | Happiness comes from within your heart 

Welp! Thanks for dropping by today. Our adventure was truly fun.

And our discoveries have inspired me to share more on my thoughts about kawaii culture as a positive lifestyle and how to define your own. But that’s for another post, another day. ^^

Please let me know if that’s something we’d like to explore, together. <3


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