Girlfriend/ Boyfriend Art Installation for Art Whino’s G40 Art Summit

So look! My beau and I are both artists and the only babies we are equipped to make these days is ART BABIES!!!!! Here’s our first art baby together … we were so proud! <3

We have been playing around in each other’s sketchbooks since then and soon after, we were invited to work together for Art Whino’s G40.  Yaayyyyyy for us! <3 It’s a new year and I just agreed to some art shows, all before spring. (O hi 2016 and this busy schedule of mine) So I am pretty excited with how this is all happening, for him, for me, and for us both! ^^

But more about future shows later. Let’s talk about 2015 G40 Art Summit~

2015-09-12 20.14.21

AboutG40 Art Summit

Presented by Art Whino, the annual G40 Art Summit group art show brings together world-renowned artists for a month-long exhibition, with works in Low Brow and street culture expression, that reflect a particular theme.

The 2015 G40 event will once again be a building ‘takeover,’ showcased at a 20,000 square foot site in the heart of H St Corridor at 700 H Street, NE. The event is also the first for the ‘Whino on H’ satellite location of Art Whino, bringing a whole new experience focusing on entertainment. Here is more about G40 Art Summit.

Piecesand Parts of Pieces

With the exception of the first two pieces (done by me in early 2015), our illustrative pieces for G40 were collaboration efforts where his signature abstract faces and jellyfish meet my signature shibari and wabori-inspired framing style.

BeMine copyBe Mine, February 2015 Valentine Day Print (some are still available)tentacle love2 copy

Tako Flavored Kisses, sketchbook 2015


(☝︎) Collaborative jellyfish x shibari pieces (☟)

Great Wave

 (☟) ・Collaborative jellyfish x shibari pieces・ (☟)

(☝︎) Featured face on wall … see it?! (☟)


The wall done was proudly done by my favorite artist and beau … Crank!!!

2015-09-11 11.11.19

2015-09-11 11.13.51

2015-09-11 11.14.00

This is where we hid the SUPER erotic art (the first pieces I shared above) so it wouldn’t be offensive to families and those not too into NSFW things. Surprisingly it was a really cool hot spot. <3 Keep scrolling & check out the pictures from people enjoying our art. ^^


2015-09-12 21.55.17

(☝︎) These lovebirds looked at the erotic pieces for a LONG time and then shared a kiss *aaaww*

I hope he shared on Instagram with the hashtag #ipbrand・#crankadelics LOL (☟)

2015-09-12 22.16.39


2015-09-12 22.23.38

Got to hang with MizPam for a split second (See you guys back in Japan in May!!!! Kyoto’s calling!!! huhuhu) Below is Moya & MizPam’s kick ass shunga piece for the stage area! WHOAH! ^^

2015-09-12 20.04.46

Here’s more from around G40 Art Summit. Take a stroll through~

2015-09-12 20.04.10

2015-09-12 21.59.27

The homie 181 giving the good thumbs up to the ladies posting up in front of his piece LOL

Hooray for multiple art babies with the beau! Giving birth never felt so good 😀 Thanks for looking.

2015-09-12 22.10.36


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