Happy FriYAY Ippie-chan Print Release + Kawaii Winter Sticker Drop

Hi kawaii + creative family!
Happy FriYAY!!!!!!
So excited to share my first print + sticker release for 2018 *woot*
I’m a bit more secure in a few things, including some clarity on my latest venture, the B-side to my tattoo business – branding + brand coaching
It’ll be a journey and I’m excited to be getting things in order to share more with you as I start taking my first steps.
For now, if you’re interested in this baby coach’s success … or just want to see where I’m headed, please join my Facebook group 

 ✨The Creativepreneur Mastermind ✨

I’ll be sharing things as I progress here too … but if you want the rough + raw before this baby coach takes off, you’ll want to be there!
In the meantime, here’s some photo spam + process videos of my latest print (+ stickers)
Enjoy ~

Coming of Age Ippie-chan

This print is inspired by the lack of coming of age rites & rituals that happens for Americans.

Envious of having a guided road while entering adult hood … I started wondering what some African-inspired rites & rituals would look like ~

I also enjoy mixing my envy (of some Japanese culture) with my understanding and quest for understanding what I connect with in Afro culture.
If your into artist processes, I did shorts of my coloring … just to see how it feels to share my process from stat to (almost) finish
Tell me how I did!

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Stop by Little INKPLAY Shop to grab a print. Only 10 available ^.^


Ippei-chan character development prints


and super fun stickers (great for us kawaii journals + scrapbookers ^.^)

Looking forward to the cosplay planned for this print … oh my! ^.^

Gambare, minna!


Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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