The Fashion Influence of David Bowie

“Many of Ziggy’s most eye-popping outfits—avant-garde kimonos and billowing structural pantsuits—were made by Kansai Yamamoto, a Tokyo-based designer who had no idea that his creations would become such important visual markers in the history of rock ’n’ roll.” 


Today, David Bowie passed (R.I.P. homie! Your style and passion will be greatly missed) and Vice was able to crank out a few shares within moments! I was working – tattooing, updating things, and some more, but one of my clients tagged me to an article of particular interest, Some Cat From Japan, a 2014 article that resurfaced today for umm … obvious reasons. (Lucretia!!!! You know my heart. Thank you so much for today’s inspo~) I am always inspired by artists and how their career comes about, usually in the most accidental ways, so again, this was a share that was right up my alley. I decided to take a moment and check out some of his other work because while David Bowie was definitely influential in a lot of creative circles I frequent, his work wasn’t my steelo … however, Kansai Yamamoto’s work definitely IS!

Take a look at some things that I found creative, inspirational, and simply tickled my aesthetic eye as I browsed articles about both Yamamoto and David Bowie. As I am heavily inspired by functional art, especially how it seems in fashion, some of his inspiration from art to lifestyle, may come up again. *tee hee*


I REALLY love these sweaters and wear ALL the leggings with them ^^
Can you see a kawaii kei coord with this?! (I know I can haha)





Fashion face mask. Kawaii ne!


 I hope something here inspired you, too~ipukekawaii.gif

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