Dolls Kill + YRU #retailtherapy Kawaii Shoe Haul & Leaf Xia Style Inspo

Hi friends! I REALLY hope you enjoyed my last lookbook. you’re ready for more retail therapy with kicks from Dolls Kill + YRU ~

It’s my first time shopping from either store. I’ve heard mixed reviews on both collective brands but decided I’d give it a go and turn shipping notifications ON!

Cuz it’s no secret I’m a cool + kawaii kicks kinda girls ~

but with an edge >.< 

kawaii adidas all white snakeskin top ten

So I thought I’d share while I’m unpacking a bunch of bulk shopping packages coming in. And one day I’ll break down my intentional (& thrifty) shopping style. But for now …

Lemme see the mood ~
*cues accurate shopping feels*

Now that’s out of the way


Dolls Kill YRU Haul

From Dolls Kill

kawaii shoes dolls kill yru #retailtherapy
complete haul


kawaii shoes dolls kill yru #retailtherapy
the coveted …


kawaii shoes dolls kill yru #retailtherapy
I’m excited! And legit bought these and not the alt pair (more popular) is because … HEARTS <3

From YRU

kawaii shoes dolls kill yru #retailtherapy
full haul
kawaii shoes dolls kill yru #retailtherapy
OK! I’m REALLY looking forward to these for so many reasons ~
kawaii shoes dolls kill yru #retailtherapy
for some daily kawaii goodness without killing my ankles >.<
kawaii shoes dolls kill yru #retailtherapy
my second pair of creepers (supa high!)

Not too sure if you noticed the hearts theme in my kicks of choice but it seems to be a subtle amusement for me – like polka dots + stripes.

So I’ll see where it goes *kanye shrug*

Leaf Xia + Hello Kitty Style Inspo

I LOVE LOVE LOVE layers and a good layering style.

Which is what attracted me to lolita and also why I’m in love with other alt styles like decora, aomoji, otome, oshare  & cult party kei

All that shared, I stumbled along some wholesome inspo for new looks while playing in boxes o’ clothes (and on the internet) yesterday.

And thought I’d pass it on!

I’m EXTREMELY excited by this collection of looks and wondering how to do that with some layers from my own closet ~ 

*oof* this is gonna take some time

But for gonna leave you with this song …

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!



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