DC to Japan + The Launch of a New Dedicated Blog

Hi かわいい + creative family ~

DC to Japan, Yokoso! 🇺🇸✈🇯🇵
*does happy dance*

This was a total pleasant accident. But I guess that’s what they mean when they say enjoy the journey haha

In my Japan hobonichi flipthrough, I only planned to create for the #dctoJapan category on THIS blog but it became a … thing 😅 that I had so much fun putting together ^.^

Now I can stop being shy and be the best Japan lover, I can be! LOLz

Seriously, I am truly looking forward to sharing my Japan dreams + entrepreneurial journies in a much better space ~

Let me show you around a bit.

Be sure to leave feedback, comments suggestions and all that great jazz at the end. I’d love to

Enjoy ~

DC to Japan, Yokoso ~

Here’s my first (ever) video of me in Japan … I have a lot to learn but gambarimasu!

meet your tour guide, Travellin’ Ippie-chan. You’ll be seeing more of her in the very near future ^.^
Had fun making promo stickers ^.^
maybe a little too much …
I hope you’re excited ~
my sloppy desk while visualising 🙈

🌸Look Who’s Excited!

Some really big names are excited for the launch of DC to Japan ~
Check out what they have to say 😉

DC to Japan, Otanoshimini! | Chibi Marukochan

Maru-chan is an authority on everyday life in Japan, from a kids perspective. There’s lots to learn with her ^.^

Onward & upward | AstroBoy・Don’t be afraid | Kitaro

Out of the millions of possibilities you grabbed the opportunity | Doraemon

Thanks for always standing by me, Doraemon <3

Pikachu is just showing off! ^.^
Yes, I’m keeping my eyes on the prize Pikachu ^.^

🌸Things to Look Forward To

Of course, in the true fashion of being forever in beta mode, I’m still building haha

But here are a few things to look forward to in the coming months ~

Access to our private kawaii community, DC KawaiiStyle


✈Free Travellin’ Ippie planner stickers


✈Seasonal Give-a-way


DC to Japan brand merch

I hope you’re hype for DC to Japan & looking forward to your feedback!

It’s DC to Japan y’all, get excited! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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4 thoughts on “DC to Japan + The Launch of a New Dedicated Blog

    1. Hi Cate and thank you! 💗 I’m in DC until my net travel in October 🙂 I hope you’ll follow the blog & hang out for shenanigans ^^

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