Creative IKB ✍

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my creative work! <3 Here is a tad more about each creative project that I am happy to always pour my heart into.

logobadgesLittle INKPLAY Shop

At the moment, I am on a mission to create my private tattoo    studio space and kawaii culture hub, Little INKPLAY Shop. 2016, in its entirety, will be dedicated to raising funds and organizing my life to make my dreams a reality. Please feel free to visit and subscribe to the blog updates at #supportLIPS for more information and progress updates.


I.P. Brand Ink & Art Creative House

Rebranding will be in progress soon! This is the branding that has helped me grow into a full blown creative. 11 years into the making I have been extremely successful in marketing myself as an artist. I have been blessed to do a lot under this banner and am looking forward to growing more. Please feel free to enjoy some of my branding shenanigans here. Please #staytuned for I.P. Brand Ink & Art Creative House, coming summer 2016.

COTLcollective(badge)Color Outside the Lines Tattoo Collective

If you’r looking for your one stop shop to find black tattoo artists, nationwide and internationally, this is for you! <3 Launch date will be January 2015. Please be sure to check out Miya Bailey‘s full length documentary, Color Outside the Lines and subscribe to COTL Unsceen. Get familiar!