Creative Talk + Presentation at Dunbar High School

Hi kawaii + creative family, old and new!

How was your Valentine day?!

I spent mine with SNEAKERS at Dunbar High School. <3

From the site: ‘SNEAKERS is a program for girls navigating the challenges and choices of the 8th to 12th grades.’

My long time tattoo customer Maxine has always been a huge positive energy and supporting my creative vision. She asked me to come speak to her girls about being an artist and the work it takes to reach your dreams.

It was a true honor! <3

this is just the fun part of the day … but enjoy photo spam from our day together ^.^
in case you’re not familiar with the late Paul Lawrence Dunbar
this poem reminds me of my college’s motto “find a way or make one” <3 Keep a-pluggin’ away is the GAMABRE spirit I love so much!
setting up lunch ~ Popeyes
goofin’ off with Maxine before we have to be … serious ^.^
student Valentine cards + purell LOL
of course kawaii + empowerment was a part of the day’s talk ^.^
the goods ~
we had to use pipe cleaners to share our feelings … meow ~

Maxine has no problem getting the creative juju going by welcoming her students with smiles and hugs, reggae, and positive affirmations. I wish she was my teacher LOL

warming up ~
making DIY Valentine cards to SNEAKERS
my “ask me anything” notepads … everyone was so curious about tattoos >.<
the realities of education
more DIY
Maxine sharing her feelings ~ Valentine day was also her 8 year wedding anniversary, so she shared the LOVE <3
My day ended and I ran into one of my old youth outreach mentors, Mike Hill, while waiting on my own Valentine ^.^ Thanks for the nod of approval universe!


I hope you had a great and loving Valentine day. It’s not always about being attached to someone … but the day is always a warm reminder to simply do something positive, pay it forward and share the love ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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