Join My (Creative) Black Business Mastermind Group + Meet Tim, My Business Coach 😸✨

Hi kawaii + creative family …

old AND new! 💗✨

Happy Wednesday! Stopping thru with an awesome update of a serious and creative mastermind group I’m building to help start & grow more small black businesses ~

My business coach (& long time friend and supporter) Tim has agreed to help me build this for those wanting to learn.

He knows my heart and how I want to help the world succeed! So I’m really honored that he’s willing to help me … help the world. Or at least my immediate kawaii, creative, & black communities 💗

✨💕💗Join our mastermind💗💕✨

YOUR creative business and branding dream team 🙈😸💗💕✨

✨A Little About Tim (& Imani)

I’ll start here first since most people don’t know Tim … or how amazing and credible he is. Most people don’t know how big his heart is for people serious about their bottom line in business or self-improvement.

Also most people don’t know about Tim AND Imani ^^ So here goes ~

Tim and I graduated from Duke Ellington School of the Arts right here in DC 😊  We were both in “V.A.” (the visual arts department)

Having the pleasure of challenging each other creatively, having mutual friends, and being a part of the same crew of creatives …

… we’ve grown quite close. And that was over 15 years ago now! WOW 💗

Anywhoo ~
Tim has always encouraged me to build as he was building his own empire.

He’s spoon fed me things that he’s learned while building his business and though I didn’t jump right away, he kept at it!

Need proof?! Check out my motivational me reads and simply look at Little INKPLAY Shop (I’m still building tho … and forever in beta mode HA!)

The result?!

A long-time friendship, turned business-ship, of two successful small black businesses that support each other.

The secret?!

Our relationship is deeper than business. We truly want each other (and other friends in our network) to succeed. That’ where the magic lies ~

I’m getting to some really fun & creative marketing/ passive revenue streams soon 😸✨

✨WHY We’re Doing This

Well, I told you already ~

I have an affinity for wanting to help the world … specifically I want to help build black economics and wealth. And I don’t want to go it alone. So I have Tim with me ^.^

I am a small black business, a solo-preneur, and a creative-preneur …

who thought this was going to be the HARDEST and scariest thing in life. I held myself back but now that I’m here I want to encourage others to just do it~

If you’re considering building even the smallest scales of a black business, here are five important reasons why we’re doing this JUST FOR YOU!

💗 starting a business can be scary

now you’ll have a forever support system of 20+ people who are now experiencing or have experienced the same fear. Come explore creative ways to turn that fear and anxiety into motivation ^.^

💗 what about $$$

ok! if you’re not into loans or maybe have bad credit (🙌 mine is HORRIBLE >.<) here’s where the fun starts. Learn creative ways of making passive income that can be used to invest and reinvest in your business until you can do better. ^.^
We’re going to build a business TOGETHER (really a small network of multiple small businesses) that help you understand this very concept. BOOM!

💗 networking 101

networking is hard when you wear ALL of the hats and sometimes it’s the most important thing on the to-do list that gets overlooked. Find creative ways to network smarter, not harder ^.^

 💗 learn financial literacy

we are failing as a black community in learning how a small business helps you get ahead of the financial curve in life. I’ve learned a few secrets since starting to build my business and boy do I feel cheated in life! I want to help share some of these secrets with other serious creative-preneurs ^.^

💗 find deeper connections

remember that secret that I shared earlier?! well, that lead to having a natural accountability partner. they’re fun people who can indulge in your business and personal practices (Tim and I nerd out on a regular together!) and keep you on task. It’s truly where the magic is ~ ^.^

💗⚡️(bonus) you’ll need the guidance

what Tim and I have put together includes having TWO coaches in your back pocket for a lifetime (Tim – business, me- branding) … and yes, a lifetime! We want EVERYONE involved to succeed in their own way, their own time and by their own definition of success … but with no excuses. <3

So you have us both for a lifetime!

Still here?! What are you waiting for?

✨💕💗Join our mastermind💗💕✨

& let’s build

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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