Metal Crayon Shin Chan Tattoo, Made with Love in Japan

I had the pleasure of being asked otaku to otaku (fellow geek to geek) if I would be interested in creating a custom rock and roll Crayon Shin Chan tattoo. If you’re not familiar with this guy, he’s awesome and you should definitely make it a point to get familiar! TRUST! You’ll thank me later~ <3 Gleefully accepting, these were the perimeters: ・rock and roll ・butt out (Shin Chan is famous for mooning people. haha) ・J., I., J. (kids first initials) ・a big “A” (wife’s first initial) ・my personality (No really! He specifically requested that) After great deliberation, he decided that it should go on his forearm. He said that this way, during super long works days he can have a funny reminder of his family for a boost. <3 So without further a do, here’s what we starting cooking up for some quality #INKPLAY tattoo time!

Step 1. Freehand Drawing~

2014-10-20 18.41.25

Step 2. Outline, done!

2014-10-20 21.24.01

Step 3. Tattoo to Life~

2014-10-20 22.26.272014-10-20 22.26.40

So what do you guys think about this tattoo?! Did I hit my mark or hit it?! ^^

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