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about ipuke kawaii

Hi yah! ・こんにちわ〜!・’sup!

I’m Imani K. Brown (ブラウン・イマーニK. ❀ IKB)

ipukekawaii  tattoos/ art + Japanese culture = my Kawaii

Here’s a snippet of what I have going on professionally, but for a full introduction to my blog, please start here.cropped-Untitled-3.gif


I have 13+ years tattoo experience and my specialty is fine-line/ detailed tattoo work. ^.^

My passion is (kawaii) tattoo experiences for healing and helping people make better tattoo decisions.

Visit ipukekawaii.TATTOO for more about my tattoo work. ^^

Currently, peers and I are brainstorming how to bring a more visible platform tattoo artists of color.



I am a kawaii + empowerment enthusiast!

Friends and I have partnered to actively help grow and strengthen DC’s kawaii community while exploring my on かわいい + creativity.

My life goal is to explore and share the afro-Asian philosophy of kawaii culture and share how kawaii can help others define a better life for themselves.



Since I am both an artist and (budding) social entrepreneur, my creativity is two-fold.

Little INKPLAY Shop is an empowering creative atelier and kawaii culture hub that brings it all together.

Here, I look forward to improving my art and discovering my personal brand. 🙂