Celebration of Life Day! It’s MY Birthday + 2 Years and My Dad’s Still With Me

Happy Wednesday かわいい + creative family! And happy burfday to meeeeeee ^.^

Just swinging thru with some thoughts about this day …

where I’ve been and where I’m headed ~

It’s a TOUGH (I stress TOUGH) time for me.

Though friends like Jade, remind me that it’s simply an important month for me ^.^

Truth is ~

even though it’s my studio’s 3rd year anniversary and my birthday (I’m flying close to 40 y’all!)

It’s also my dad’s burial date. Which seems to hit me harder than his actual passing. Maybe it’s cuz burying him made it real. I dunno. *kanye shrug*

Don’t worry!

I’m coping, daily. And learning self care when I needed to indulge most has been a saving grace.

But legit, I’ve not acknowledged my business or my birthday in 2 years.


And my dad wouldn’t want that.

So here I am and this is me waking up, being alive, and feeling great!

I set out on this Tattoo Branding + Telling My Story + Getting UNSTUCK journey back in January knowing that this time of year would be all the feels for me.
But dammit if I won’t keep going 💪🏾💫

It’s a happy day! A celebration of life – both physically and spiritually.
So I’m not gonna give you all the sob story.

BUT I am gonna take the day to just be.

Thanks for letting me share my feels and be vulnerable.
I truly appreciate you.

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