Boundless Brooklyn Halfpipe Skate Ramp | A Cool Kawaii D.I.Y.

Hi hi and happy Friday y’all.

So what’s crazy is that I was asked to plan that kawaii party (you can read about it here and here) during what I had outlined as time for my Boundless Brooklyn DIY group show contribution.

So needless to say, tunnel vision set in and I forgot ALL about this gem of a D.I.Y. and the show’s this weekend. *ack!*


Before I share this DIY and my piece with you, here’s more about Boundless Brooklyn~

BoundlessBrooklyn offers a unique collection of replica DIY model kits featuring Water Towers, Billboards, Lifeguard Towers — and now, Halfpipes — and all Boundless products and packaging are made in New York City from chipboard, a 100% recycled material. The kits are perfect for adults and kids (6+) and assemble in just minutes and they’re fully customizable with paints and markers, and are ideal for homes or offices. Check out more here.

Let’s get started shall we?!

Kit& Supplies

Due to my time constraints, I decided to get a little less artsy and a little more crafty so there is a surprise in my usual supplies … 😀

I decided to repurpose some D.I.Y. supplies from Kawaii Box. As a new affiliate (hoorraayyy for another かわいいachievement) , I will probably do more of these type of projects and maybe host some kawaii box crafting meet-ups. Who knows … HA!

Here’s what you’ll need~

  • Boundless Brooklyn Halfpipe Model Kit
  • Washi Tape
  • Glitter
  • Stickers
  • Jewelry/ Gem Stickers
  • Modge Podge
  • Acrylic Paint

the kit is fairly easy to put together but they said the glue dots were really sticky. since they weren’t (insert sad face here → 😓) areas that were to be bound by glue dots were also reinforced with mode lodge

(why?! … because it’s mode podge! >.<)

Tip: Though it’s hard to paint & design this way, I would strongly recommend that you put the kit together to get a better feel and visual for your new canvas.


Kawaii Box crafting swag

HalfPipe Progress

Well, here’s my progress!

Since there aren’t a lot of moving parts to the kit, it’s also fairly easy to paint and design. Handling can be tough though, since it’s cardboard and you don’t want it to tear while wet with paint. In short, don’t be like me trying to paint in your lap. Grab a sturdy surface and lay your things out properly. 😀

Tip: To paint and design, it’s best that you take everything a part (in case you put it together to get a feel for the DIY first), decorate and then put it back together. Since the main piece, the Halfpipe panel, is flat, it’d be great to put your main eye candy there. But you’re a creative so do let me tell yah what to do. Make it dew what it dew boo! ^.~


tirelessly working on building a kawaii brand (check out #supportLIPS) here’s my shameless plug haha

Tip: Be sure to paint and decorate the pieces separately and protect your finished pieces with that good old mode lodge. If it’s your first time using it, it’s a-ok! It’s a fancier basic school glue (does that even make sense >.< ) so it goes on white and dries clear. You’ll be able to see things with no problem soon enough!


I swear I modge podge everythang! Maybe I just enjoy watching paint dry?! haha


Once everything is said and done, be sure to reassemble your kit and make it presentation ready. One more pass of mode lodge to make sure all of your parts are secure isn’t a bad idea at all.

You don’t have to ask … you already know I did it. 😏

detail close-ups


I dropped that thang off right on time for party time this weekend! Here are the deets ~
If you’re around the DC area, you should certainly stop by!


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