Blerdcon Recap + Venus’s Comic Shop Grand Opening

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

Happy Wednesday.

As I (finally) update some back blogs, I thought I’d stop by with some photo spam from two recent events – Blerdcon and Venus’s Comic Shop Grand Opening.

Despite weighing pro’s and con’s, both were a blast so I hope you enjoy ~


There’s a lot of not colourful things I can say about this convention.

However, the best cumulative short and sweet review that I have is that it was a serious

… bait and switch … 😳

But that’s for another convo – maybe even a podcast. I duuno *kanye shrug*

Instead of focusing on the wrongs tho, let’s get dat work ~

Our Table

was compliments of our Art Way Alliance family, in exchange for some panel and wokshop-ing ^.^

presenting the Art of CRANK + ipukekawaii
The Art of CRANK

💗 happy customers 💗


Friday’s Panel

aye! we did it for the (kawaii) culture y’all ~

otsukaresama de~su

Saturday’s Workshop

Create Your Kawaii OC, was a part of Art Way Alliance’s creative workshop programming ^.^

cool kawaii original character creations to start Saturday morning

Around the Con

look at the cutie I found … Hikikonekkon <3

my bestie since childhood <3

absolutely loving the small details

DEDLY kawaii + sweet treats

… and the artist homie, Darren Soto >.<
otsukare ~

🌸Venus’s Comic Shop

Saturday evening, I rushed to Venus’s Comic Shop grand opening. This is one of the dopest #fuckcancer tributes to our friend, fellow artist, and alumna Venus.

And I wasn’t going to miss supporting my friends on the big venture ^.^

Unfortunately, I arrived late and missed most of the action, so I swiped photos from Eric of Art Way Alliance ~

V-Four Force, in the flesh!

From the Site:

The store is named in memory of Venus Winston, a D.C.-based comic book writer/artist who passed away in December after a battle with cancer.

A portion of the store’s monthly profits will be donated to cancer research, Francis said. Other members of the store’s team include Robert Spencer, Zach Winland and Rishawna Gould

Enjoy V, today is YOUR day (words from Tim)
I’m really proud to be friends with these guys and to have been inspired by such a creative soul. Venus, I love you girl ^.^

That’s it for my recent life of work hard + play hard ~

I hope you enjoyed.

As always, thanks for reading!  ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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