Beats n’ Beans Creative Talk | The Art of Zagging

Hi Kawaii + Creative family!

Swinging thru with some inspo that I’m still floating on ~

This past Friday, I was a panel guest for a creative discussion with my General Store Inc. friends and family!

This post is listed in empowerment simply because doing these types of things aren’t my favorite. But since reaching a huge milestone, professionally, and learning that I need to come out of my creative shell, I thought … “Aye! Kokayi asked and that means he see’s something there.”

And made a conscious decision to gambatte (do my best) take this as a personal challenge  ~

Still decompressing, truly, but I can’t wait too long to tell you al about such an amazing opportunity. I’m truly honored to have been asked to share my creative process and professional life lessons.

Please enjoy ~

✨The Venue

Songbyrd Music House is located in the Adams Morgan neighbourhood of DC
inside was so warm and inviting. can you spot DILLA?!
records for lights ~
the colors (& doodle) made me happy …
oh Lucy! ^.^
the Beats n’ Beans set-up ~
marketing … spamming … whatever LOL
ohayou Seshat & Kokayi <3

✨The Art of the Zag, A Creative Talk

the set-up … follow The General Store for podcast release updates
a sharing moment compliments of  The General Store Inc ← follow them for more curated creative talks 🌸
Kokayi was killing the questions BUT I was gooood ~ I still owe the audience a response to one question. I’ll answer all of these in my forthcoming podcast (#staytuned muahahaha)


My favorite (self) observation

“oh sh!t! I DO ZAG. I’ve been zagging my entire life … while everyone is zigging”

Best intersecting moment between Goldlink’s creative process and my own

There’s two ~

  1. Goldlink is externally inspired, I’m internally inspired
  2. We both put God in the forefront of our process and credit Him for our (ultimate) success

My most favoured question

Q: What mistakes have you made, professionally that helped you realise betterment? (it’s paraphrased sorry >.<)

A: I don’t trust my intuition, my gut feeling, nearly enough. In fact I usually attribute it to being crazy (I have a working definition, don’t worry 😹) and suppress my instincts. But they’re there for a reason … right?! I should trust my own damn mantra to lead with my heart and let logic follow.s

My most considered question

Q: What is your onlyness statement?

A: I’m the only kawaii black chick who can authentically flip it on some hood ish and STILL keep my kawaii edge, to reach people ~

The question I never answered

Q: Name 3 non-artists who influence your work

A: … hold please …


Photo courtesy of Vin

✨Friends, Fam & Good Times!

my new boo, Goldlink! a beautiful, creative and uber raw soul <3
what reincarnation looks like IRL
these two … mmmaaaaannnnn ~
this was just a cute moment with the owner of Songbyrd & her new pup (he’s a big ol’ cat ^.^)
found Vin!!!!!!!!!
… and his dope custom Timbs ~
selfie inception with the fellas
black men building. BEAUTIFUL.
he got a pic of me taking a pic of him … taking a pic of me.

and just like that … the deed is done!

Otsukaresama desu ~✌︎


cheers to Beats n’ Beans, The General Store Inc, Songbyrd Music House & the homies Goldlink + Kokayi

Keep it creative, family!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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