Goal Diggin’ + OTAKute Tattoo + August Tattoo Talk Content

Hi かわいい creative family! And happy August <3 It’s goal diggin’ time ^.^

Of course I restarted my goal diggin’ shares in June and totally skipped July *ugh*

tattoo talk goal diggin'

BUT my goal here is simply to find a fluid schedule between blog vs vlog content, around my tattoo talk, that works for us.

🌸August Goal Diggin’🌸

august goal diggin'

I’m proud of myself!

This month, I came in strong!

  1. gave my blog’s homepage got a facelift
  2. redid my IG landing page like a bawse
  3. and revamped my press kit

kawaii tattoo goal diggin'

And for cool points … My Ebook dropped (sign up here to get it) + I also did a quick lil’ Tattoo Talk Question Bank

Now that’s all straight, I just wanna draw and get my Tattoo Talk content life together ~

🌸Moshi Moshi  OTAKute Tattoo 🌸

Otakute tattoo goal diggin'Get amped!

Cuz there’s something special in the works! It’s OTAKute Tattoo <3

 ~A collective of tattoo artist & enthusiast blerds who love body art ^.^

This is the main project I’m working on this month so that we have a successful launch.

I can’t believe this thing is in motion and can’t wait to share it with you all <3

🌸KCC Tattoo Talk + Blog Flow🌸

blog goal diggin'

Don’t mind my cal …

This month and next month I’m keeping it simple and just committing to finding my flow.

All that said! You know what time it is ^.^

… time to follow thru ~ Have a wonderful month!

OH yeah ~ I’ll see you on da Gram for some TATTOO TALK, right?!

Gambare, minna 🎨☀️🌈💗💕✨ Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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