Atlanta Inspires Me!

Dear friends, 

I am sorry that I was in town and I did not make the efforts I usually would to see you or make myself available~

2015-07-29 11.49.52

Overwhelmed, feeling discouraged, and a bit depressed, I was excited to step away from DC for a while. Originally, my trip to Atlanta was planned so that I could visit with some of my tattoo clientel there. When I first announced that I my dates, I was to be overbooked and in the great fashion of weeding out those who are not serious, when deposits were due, everyone disappeared. There were a few clients who were still interested and I was happy to pour what little energy I still had into their pieces. Unfortunately, days if missed communication, misplaced emails, and just everything that seemed out of the ordinary happening led to no appointments. I panicked since I always make it a practice to work when I travel, not knowing that my grey skies weren’t quite clear and that this was indeed a blessing in disguise. 😀

Don’t worry! It didn’t take too long to realise this blessing and embrace it. Certainly, by the time we touched down I was beyond fatigued and happy to have a few days to tend to my own mental needs and well being.

So here’s a bit of photo duping of things that inspired me to regroup, find my happy, and keep it moving … in Atlanta. I hope you enjoy <3

Day 1


Savage Pizza and/ or baseball on my first day is a thing! The Braves were playing that afternoon but the way my fatigue was set up … LOL …

So! Savage Pizza it was! *yum*

2015-07-26 12.13.37

2015-07-26 12.37.09 2015-07-26 12.09.04

2015-07-27 11.57.06

We made our temporary home in the Dec, shawty!

Day 2

Back to Little 5 Points & roaming randomness!!!

2015-07-27 12.45.25

Little 5 has all of my love as this is where all the colourful, imaginative creatives can be found. In short, I get to lovingly be amongst my people!!! It always feels good to come when I’m in a gloomy mood. Something about being here makes it possible to find the joy in life, the encouragement to take a deep breath, and the will to keep going.

Since college, Little 5 has always been my therapy <3

2015-07-27 14.10.22

2015-07-27 14.02.37

2015-07-29 11.50.02 2015-07-27 14.38.59
Look! I made a new friend & found my IRL friend, Kev Brown, while crate digging at Criminal Records
2015-07-27 14.28.26
I REALLY want to take the winter months to invest in & read this manga! Hopefully this year is the year *woohoo*
2015-07-29 11.49.59
And then the roaming randomess happened … and we ended up at Five Points Underground Arcade *oops*
2015-07-29 11.49.57


2015-07-27 16.40.13 2015-07-27 17.12.10

Day 3

Artsy randomness *haha*

2015-07-29 11.49.55

After Starbucks in our downtown Decatur neighbourhood, we checked out a book as art exhibit at Art Institute of Atlanta’s Decatur campus.

2015-07-28 14.32.16

2015-07-28 14.28.01

2015-07-28 14.29.36 2015-07-28 14.28.53

2015-07-28 15.32.55



2015-07-28 15.40.12

Off to the High Museum of Art for SPRAWL … Only!

2015-07-29 11.49.46

Paperfrank is not just family, but a huge inspiration to me. Such a goofy little brother, there’s nothing better than geeking out and trying to kick his a$$ in Mortal Kombat or just talking art … sober or nah! In the same light, Frank and I go through about the same amount of mood swings in a single minute, making him that much more relatable.

Super proud, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go support the homie while in the A!

2015-07-28 15.57.54 2015-07-28 15.58.31


Kawaii for me are things that touch the happiest part of my soul, no matter the subject matter. They don’t have to be pink, necessarily, but they do have to make me smile!

2015-07-27 17.58.21
I don’t know her. This was a project found at Marta’s Decatur station. I just hope her dream comes true! <3

2015-07-27 18.08.37 2015-07-27 18.08.19
2015-07-27 14.28.46 2015-07-27 14.26.57
2015-07-26 17.26.05


In case you forgot … it’s FREE! So let’s do this <3

Thank you ATLANTA!

… For everything, always!

It’s been real and I am recently felling good and getting my groove back slowly! I’ll see you next time and promise to be in a better space so that we can work together once more! <3

2015-07-28 12.16.05

~je t’adore!

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