Afro Kawaii Tattoo Round-Up, July Was A Great Welcome Back!

KIYAH kawaii creatives ^.^ Does happy dance for a great month back to in studio! And with that … let’s celebrate with an afro kawaii tattoo round-up. There was a June round-up, but this’ll be the first {current} once since shut down ^.^

Afro Kawaii, Imani K Brown, Ivy City, DC to Japan
in my happy place | 📸 @1Bluvision

Before that tho, lemme introduce you to my COVID keep me sane project – great for a racing brain, restless hands *that’s me* …

And the KAWAII CREATIVE *ahem* that’s you 👀😅

Shoppe Gal Magazine

afro kawaii tattoo artist, black female tattoo artist, gyaru, magical girl,
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Not sure if YOU know this or not, but blazing’ trails is what I do! And I truly seek to inspire and influence other young ladies coming up  behind me.

No really … it’s here!

I want to inspire and influence strength in femininity – to embrace it, protect it, and use it as a tool. Plus ain’t nothing better than a good wholesome girls mag ~


All that shared, Shoppe Gal Mag will be for the alternative Black girls blazing their own trails, their own way ~

We’ll look at empowerment, body positivity, cuteness, and individuality through tattoo and fashion style journeys.

Before you ask, NO it’s not all me. I’m no Oprah haha

Though, I DO pinky swear that there will be some very valuable resources, tea and gems shared.

Get excited and join me on this new format journey!!

But for now … tattooed people. TATTOOS!

Afro Kawaii Tattoo Round-Up

Welcome Back INKPLAY Family

da cutest top gifted from the Kawaii Shoppu

INKPLAY family … whaddup and welcome back ^.^

Messing around on Miya Bailey’s IG, he’d mentioned how artists have been resting so we have no excuse not to come back stronger. And I can’ say O don’t agree!

This was my first time NOT tattooing for more than 4 days and by day five I was tweaking. I didn’t know what to do with my creative self >.<

That said, I been preparing in more ways than one, all COVID, to come back exkra skrong! 💪🏾

So here we go! Tell me what moved you in the comments below. K!

One Point Pieces

afro kawaii tattoo, butterfly tattoo
it’s her first tattoo and she thought I wouldn’t be interested *oop*

Fun fact: Butterflies, especially monarchs, hold a special place in my heart. Not only are monarchs responsible for my monochrome love, but my family nickname since birth is ‘butterfly‘. Tattooing them makes me feel connected to the customer in a kinship kinda way.

afro kawaii tattoo, orchid tattoo
this month’s botanicals is an orchid portrait

YUP! You read it right. She was inspired by the success of growing an orchid. It’s hard af so I was happy to help her celebrate a journey of growth, persistence, and perseverance

afro kawaii tattoo, orchid tattoo
here’s a closer view of our bb
afro kawaii tattoo
stencil placement

last but not least was a fire bird – a phoenix!

where it all begins
the final outline
lil’ black n’ grey cutie
and color!
here’s a healed pic of our work together last year ^.^

Works in Progress

afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
here’s a custom magical girl wand wip ~

I REALLY have fun doing these. And since my general color style is more watercolor-y we’ll let the skin take a good rest before having another session.

It’s a bit more patience required by my customer and me, but this guarantees them the best healed and aged tattoo.

afro kawaii tattoo artist, black female tattoo artist, gyaru, magical girl,
stencil placement
afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
her custom wand concept – for a magical girl who draws her power from sunflowers and reading manga
afro kawaii tattoo, mermaid tattoo
next was a mermaid tattoo to represent Yemya (mami wata)

Again with the color ~

But this is definitely one of my favs to come back to. It’s MY signature combo of afro culture meets Japanese new school x illustrative styles.

afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
here’s the drawing

But les keep going ~

afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo, dream catcher tattoo
we used my fav Harriet Tubman quote *ugly cries*
afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
it only looks like madness you ~
afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
and let’s not forget @Pixistics becoming a literal mermaid!
afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
and imagining an afro shoujo manga cover about a female pharaoh
afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
stencil placement
afro kawaii tattoo, magical girl tattoo
and the drawing of her concept

Let’s Create Together!

Welp! That’s it for this month’s round-up. And I hope you enjoyed ~

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Thanks for reading ^.^

Gambare, minna

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