Finding My Purpose + A Letter to My Current Self

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Happy new year’s eve ~

It’s my super reflective time, as the new year comes in and thought I’d swing thru and share some personal feels on finding my purpose and cold feet for sharing content ^.^

A few posts ago, I shared my pages from the Kawaii Journaling Holiday Challenge and noted some of my favorite processes,

including my kawaii snowman who holds my letter to my current self ~

Finding My Purpose

Understanding my purpose has been a journey, as a creative.

I’m a tattoo artist, but much more than that –

Embedded in me is a tribe healer / community coordinator / content creator

a leader.

here to inspire creativity, empower you to follow your dreams & challenge your circumstances

kawaii kwanzaa doodle

But I haven’t delivered ANY of this magic / knowledge / empowerment to the best of my ability ~

Mostly because I have far too many creative ideas.

And while I KNOW that is ok …

I got questions! Inquiries! Comments + concerns LOLz

kawaii empowerment

What do I do with all of this / How does my purpose align with my personal passions /  How am I (intentionally) helping others / Is any of this even inspiring?!

EVERY year, as I think about what I’d like to create + share, how to deliver the content and my truest intentions behind it all I get beyond extremely shy + often cold feet. In hindsight, I see where that uncertainty has stunted my growth.

Usually I go back to planning, refining, and hoarding ideas that should be shared with the world. Often I do the work and then hide regardless of how much I KNOW what I have to offer will help even one person.

BUT this year, I’m challenging myself to push pass my cold feet >.<

I’m keeping a blog editorial bujo this year just so that I can get to the good stuff, see my growth, and deliver MY AWESOME!

If this is you too, share a comment of your feels  ~
And let’s do our best TOGETHER in 2019

Is this is you too – clear on purpose but unsure of your content creation / delivery?

How are you planning to work through these feels in 2019? Drop a comment <3

Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch! hello

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