A Day of Kawaii Crafting with Polymer Clay

Minna! Konnichiwa~

How’s the week going so far?! Mine has been quite colourful with a whole bunch of good #suppportLIPS news that I’ll get to share with you in the coming weeks, and positive vibes. The month’s winding down and my days for heading to Japan are growing closer. I’ll be doing a great deal of organising going forward and it’s almost time to share my second monthly tattoo round-up! If you’re not hip to this new series (a round-up of my tattoo work from the month) check out my first one here and tell me what yah think! If you’re seeking ink, hopefully these creative ideas from other #INKPLAY clients will help open some creative doors for yah!

I’ll also be working on a spiffy new store with some cool new wares, just for you!

In short, I’m a busy bee, so there are no complaints here. Now let me tell you all about my new Wednesday crafting adventures. ^^


~ new leggings to be released soon ~

So I have new Wednesday adventures and obligations. Traditionally, I reserve Wednesdays for cleaning & errands, studying, and catching up on tattoo drawings/ commissions. But it’s almost Spring, my seasonal depression seems to be shedding itself and I am craving more creative interactions. So why not take this time for some one on one #KAWAIIindaHood D.I.Y. with my niece, kawaii dreamer, and future role model, Ja’nai.

I really owe her this time since I have promised it to her for months now, but I was too depressed to pick myself up by my boot straps and be colourful & upbeat for her. So I am happy she was more excited than not to hang out with Hello Kitty Imani (that’s her title for me LOL) and get creative!

MakeClay Charms Starter Kit


We decided to play around with these polymer clay starter kits I found at 5 Below, for $5 and see what magic we could make happen.

The kit is super! You get everything you’d possibly need (except an oven) to make 6 charms, including clay, a multi-use spatula, charm ringlets and closures, and an easy to follow instruction booklet.

tip: If you come across this kit and curious about clay crafting, DO IT!!!!!! Whether you’re solo, with friends, or doing it with your kids, you won’t be sorry. ^^

Below, Ja’nai starts with a cupcake (she’s showing me how the pro’s do it) and ends up making … a donut. 🙈😹😬 But it looks tasty! Look at it ~

I took the easy way out & made a flower 😹


Eventually, we ditched the instruction manual and did what felt good to us. Ja’nai is considering experimenting with some polymer clay rings for her life.

she made a thing. I made a thing. we’re proud of our things 😀


Here are all of our crafts from the day. We have a long way to go before we look like we know what we’re doing, but we didn’t do too bad.

What do you think?!


Of course, I got stuck with baking duties haha

We’re trying again next Wednesday~

Do you ever have a crafting bug?!ipukekawaii.gif

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