A Creative Morning with Gertie Gerbre Photography & Mal’s Content

Hi kawaii + creative family ~

HAPPY MONDAY and happy Spring. (I think I forgot to share that last week … >.<)

I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing my story, as a creative, with two AMAZING individuals, Patty of Gertie Gerbre Photography and Malini who shares beautiful stories under the pen name, Mal’s Content.

The full photo exhibit is available here …

and Mal shared words about our time together here.

Now it’s my turn!

Since we took a tour of my heart/ intentions and studio. Unfortunately, I am no longer in this space. But changing spaces doesn’t change what’s in my heart.

So I thought I’d give you a tour of using some of my fav photos from the shoot ~

Hopefully Patty, Malini and I can come together again to give you an update on the new space.

Don’t forget to check out Little INKPLAY Shop and all its kawaii creativity.

Enjoy~ ^.^

✨Welcome | Yokoso ~ ^.^

let’s start here … with my homie Doraemon and my goofy arse face LOL. Welcome to Little INKPLAY Shop, Creative Atelier + Kawaii Culture Hub – Where Kawaii Creatives GROW!🌱

🌸Tattoo | 入れ墨

I rarely show my tattoos -I don’t think I shared that in our first talk that day- so here’s a rare moment … captured by Patty ^.^

I also want to help guide people (m melanin family especially) to making better choices for their skin. So I take my time at ipukekawaii.tattoo to help coach those interested in my work through a positive, colourful and creative tattoo experience ^.^

You don’t get it back so why not treat it right once, yeah?!

part of my mission is to help my friends the same way they help me … so here’s to getting hip to a very important movement, Save Tattooing in Japan ~

🌸Kawaii Things | かわいい の こと

I started sharing more about kawaii culture as a positive lifestyle a few years ago ~

And now working hard to add kawaii + creative arts educator to my resume …

Never heard of it?! Me either! 😭😹

I’m creating my own lane ~.^

my usual “work” uniform
work flow ~
people I love. things by friends. things that make me happy.

and more かわいい things ^.^

art by Lyric Prince
Gambare handstyle
this Pokemon piece I was about to color was on my table that day ~
we took a moment to doodle 🙂

🌸Beauty | ビューティー

and here’s my happy face!

I cried when I saw this shoot.

For the first time (in a long time) I saw my true beauty ~ rooted in creativity and kawaii culture.

It’s in doing what I love and connecting with like-minded people.

For the first time … I saw the beauty of self empowerment.

THANK YOU Patty and Malini for sharing with me (and others), an important part of my truest self.


Stay empowered to chase your dreams fam!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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