A Coming of Age Tale: Memoir of a Shoppe Gal Book Update #1

Oh happy day かわいい creative family! Remember that tattoo-inspired J-fashion brand I’m birthing?! Welp, I’m swinging thru today really excited to share the meat and potatoes of it all – my book! Memoir of a Shoppe Gal ^.^

And sharing my first update during Coming of Age day no less. Because I feel like this project is part of my very own coming of age as a tattoo artist, creative entrepreneur and just a work in progress in general ~

So I’ve been throwing around I’m writing a book passively and all that good stuff for a cool minute naow.

But for real you guise. I’m writing a book.

My Coming of Age

About the Book

That’s been the number ne q! So here it is ~

The Inspo

My book is a memoir of a 16-year journey of me as a tattoo artist – a look at my own personal development and conscious decisions had to get to where I am now as a as a prominent black female tattoo artist.

It looks at my journey through J-Fashion, mental health land aggressive feminity while making space for myself – creating my own lane.

There are glimpses into mindset shifts, my hobbies and just who I am as a person less the tattoo artist … but more the tattoo artist. Yah dig?! ^.^

It’s a broader look at my rite of passage.

Coming of Age UwU Vibes

So as I mentioned, today is coming of age day in Japan.

So everybody’s walking around in their furisode, presenting themselves to the world.

This book is my presentation of myself to the world.

Coming of Age, Imani K Brown, Shoppe Gal, Little INKPLAY Shop

This is me coming of age as a business as a business owner as an artist as a tattoo artist as an entrepreneur – solo-, kawaii-, creative-, hobby- and any other related -preneur you can think of. LOLz

So excited may be an understatement to the fact that I wanted to have something that would be a marker to my journey into entrepreneurship and recommitment to growing myself as an artist.

I’m going to see myself as I am, present day for the first time.

Along with everyone else.

I can’t believe only a month or so ago I was truly in tears about the vulnerable aspect of this – both process and visibility. But those talks with friends, customers and myself along with gathering some tangible items for reminders along the way have given me a fresh breath of confidence.

Made with 💖, Just For YOU!

I’m interested in making this a marker to my story of where I’ve been, where I’m going and a glimpse of what to look forward to.

I hope you will join me on this journey from now. So please make sure you’re subscribed to my blog ~

where I’ll be dedicated to giving more updates as I build – to let you know what’s going on in the world of Imani K. Brown and my memoir. And all that good stuff.

So if you’re into personal development and heroes journeys this is definitely a book for you.

If you’re looking to see what it takes to be a full-time artist or creative, this book is also for you

Into learning, going inward and talking to yourself?! Welp! This book is for you ~

Or maybe you seek that girly inspo and validation of being unapologetically and aggressively feminine while making space for yourself. May be you’re seeking other bad b!tches who wear bows and need a road map for pulling yourself up by your femininity, not your boot straps.

This book is fucking for you!

And I can’t wait to share so les do this fam.

A Call for Support

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Recently someone asked how can you support my journey – the book, me as an artist, my business and all that! I honestly didn’t know then. But have a few clear CTA’s (call to action) since that q ~

So here it is.

If you’re looking forward to seeing this book & brand growth,  here are some easy peasy ways to support.

1. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM cuz growing my gram will help grow the visibility of my message

2. Sub the blog for more updates, first looks, and exclusives ^.^

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Thanks for reading and taking part in my journey.

Gambare, minna 🎨🌈💗💕✨ Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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