5 Life Lessons Deadpool Taught Me … About Being Crazy

This could be a movie review, but where’s the fun in that?! The WORLD is reviewing Deadpool.

You have Rotten Tomatoes, videos where Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds meets Maidpool, and links upon links of other movie reviews, red carpet round-ups, parental advisory’s and more. So how about we NOT do that here. How ’bout you hit up Google and make that baby sing like the card catalog ~

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new emoji leggings perfectly matched my Valentine’s Day Deadpool adventure feels <3

However, since it’s rare that I talk about my fandoms, I am pretty sure you didn’t know that I am a HUGE Deadpool fan. No really … a HUGE ONE and for a number of reasons. Of all of them, though, is the fact that Deadpool is relatable to me than a lot of characters in any comic universe. As such, from mainstream American comics, I only read Deadpool (and Hulk), exclusively. <3

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Though this isn’t a movie review, I WILL slow down and say that the movie … my SOUL was ready …2 years ago! But it’s all in the timing right?! 😀 Seeing my other boyfriend (Deadpool … duuuhhhh) with my beau for our second Valentine’s Day together was the BEES KNEES! I have no complaints.

And for that … Let me share the 5 life lessons that Deadpool has taught me (and continues to remind me of) about being crazy. 😀 You know you’re crazy too (or you wouldn’t be reading this haha) so let’s see what wise life lessons big brother Deadpool has imparted to us as we move along our crazy life journeys.

disclaimer: this post is sprinkled with some of my favorite covers in my collection, unrelated to the lessons

invitation: feel free to geek out, reminisce and that comment hotline *bling* (👇)

5 LifeLessons Deadpool Taught Me

  • Never Take Yourself Too Serious

I am an artist, homie, lover, friend, daughter, business woman, kawaii lover, and more! Sometimes these things add up and sometimes they’re just not the move. Sometimes they’re all overwhelming at once and sometimes it seems like a piece of cake. But if I just smile and have fun trough it all, I can enjoy the journey just as well as the (hopeful) end result.

  • Accept & Embace Your Crazy

Truth … we’re ALL frakkin’ crazy. My crazy may trump yours, but the more you embrace it, understand, and accept it, the less internal damage you’ll do. That’s NOT to say you won’t go around accidentally fcuking ish up outwardly, but don’t take yourself too serious. Apologize, share your intended intentions (if you can) and try to do better the next time. Keep it pushin’ since crazy wasn’t cured in a day.

  • Sometimes the Voices in Your Head are REAL!

Ever heard that it’s ok to talk to yourself, but if you respond you’re crazy?! Yea well … truth be told, those people are probably hearing voices, ignoring them and making some horribly piss poor life decisions. Acknowledge your inner self, it’s ok! Besides … you don’t want inner self throwing a tantrum and faking shit up outwardly all the time. So acknowledge your inner crazy, show your crazy some love <3

  • Love is a Helluva Moral Compass

I don’t think there’s a demon and angel on the shoulders of people like Deadpool and myself. Those aren’t the voices we hear and answer to. Calm down ~ It’s not what’s about what’s right and wrong, or else Deadpool would be a legit superhero. Which that he is NOT! He’s a mercenary and ever so often he’ll lead with his heart. Why? Because even crazies have one and some other (possibly crazy person) has touched it. They’ve touched it so much so that their love becomes your moral compass while you’re out there you know … outwardly fckin’ ish up!

  • Variety is the Spice of Life!

We all have our methods and styles for doing things. Some of us even have signature styles but hey… it’s a-ok to switch it up a bit! Embrace your crazy and the variety it will offer up to you. Keep people on their toes. You never know … they may see a colorful spark and embrace your crazy instead of trying to change it! 💗

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Through reading Deadpool, I’ve genuinely learned to enjoy my crazy.

It’s MINE! It’s colorful, charasmatic, loveable, discerning and so much more.

And if no one else is gonna love it, I will 🙂

My favorite part about my crazy is that it keeps me creative.

The crazier I feel, the more I want to create, create, create!

So tell me, how do you utilize your crazy?!

16 thoughts on “5 Life Lessons Deadpool Taught Me … About Being Crazy

  1. Totally loved this! Still haven’t seen Deadpool yet, I know… I know… but it’s nice to not see a review but instead somethings that you can actually learn about the character. He’s always been one of my favorites too. Totally love the “Embrace and accept your crazy” bit. So true! People are unique and if that’s what makes them “crazy” than so be it.

    1. Thanks Chel! <3 Yeah I think so too 😀 Us creatives are always labeled crazy but some of us take the term as a bad thing, never stopping to think that what seems crazy to one may simply be your uniqueness 😀 it's taken me some time so hopefully someone else will become ok embracing theirs too! ^^ Thanks for stopping by 😺💖✨

  2. I have heard a ton of great things about the Deadpool movie, and you’re right, everyone is reviewing it! I’m glad you decided to write about what the movie meant to you, because while the world if reviewing it based on its entertainment value, not a lot of people realize that movies that bring comic book characters to life can have a huge impact on fans.

    1. I mean … it’s my baby daddy. So I couldn’t pass up telling the world how magical he REALLY is haha
      I’m just glad they got him right this time. Based on his representation in Wolverine Origins, I was scared they were gonna do my boo dirty ^^

  3. YASSSS! I’m a huge Deadpool fan too and have been counting down the days until the movie!! I haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet (freaking midterms), but I’ve only heard good things, and after reading your post, I’m even more excited! :)) Great post!

    1. Hey thanks! Please go see it … the reviews are all true and you won’t be sorry for sure! I7m glad this post helped boost your *turn up* levels! <3 Thanks for stopping by 😺💖✨

  4. Embracing the crazy is such a part of loving yourself, and I agree, everybody has their own brand of crazy. And the people who try to suppress it probably aren’t dealing to well overall. I’m still learning to embrace some aspects of mine, but for the most part, I do embrace my crazy and it’s great!

    1. I totally understand Kay! I’m still learning to embrace and accept certain parts of mine as well. I guess we’re on this crazy journey together *freeze frame high five!*

  5. I still have yet to see Deadpool! I am so excited to go out… It’s definitely time that this movie was created! Woot woot!

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