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I’m over seeing people who look like me settling + spending their money and melanin with others who don’t care for them or their skin. Tattoo is a NON-REFUNDABLE sport – one that is OF the DNA of black people worldwide. And we should be proud and caring of our body art. After all, it’s MORE THAN A TATTOO

So here are the tools to find YOUR artist + true tattoo identity. Made with 💝​

Book A Consultation

Want to get tattooed by ME and wondering where to start?! Here's step one ^.^

Temporary Tattoos

Wondering about color on dark skin?! Grab a bespoke temp tat to find your palette.

OTAKute Tattoo

A geeky & cute space created just for us ... 'cuz blerds love body art too!

Shoppe Gal Apparel

Pink style meets tattoo style meets my OC for authentic swag with aggressive feminiity.

Tattoo Talk

An in depth + ongoing conversation about the role of tattoo in Black culture

Artist Press Kit

Hit me to guest at your next event for authentic convo around tattoo + culture + education & lifestyle?!

About the Artist

Imani K. Brown is a DC/ Japan based tattoo artist/ illustrator & brand specialist with a  panache for kawaii art and whimsical lines. ^.^ She’s all about that kawaii life and devoted to put to good use her achievements by encouraging other urban youth, like herself, to diligently follow their creative dreams and passions. 

On her current journey, she has taken all that she knows to bring her dream creative studio and kawaii culture hub, Little INKPLAY Shop, to life  ~



Let my friends, Amako-chan, Nyanka-chan, and Yume-kun guide you through some really colorful creative adventures through my blog.

Choose your favorite topic + let the journey begin!

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